GSC x Max 4th Photocon Voting Begins!!


The 100 finalist has been chosen and the time to vote has come ^^

You can go Here to view the Finalist and start voting your favourite photos. You can vote up to 5 Photos (1 Vote/Photo).

To vote, just click on the photo and choose the “Orange” button. You cannot re-vote once you have voted. Voting deadline is July 21st, 2010 and the results/winners will be announced on July 25th, 2010.

Via Photocon Site.

3 Responses to “GSC x Max 4th Photocon Voting Begins!!”

  1. Nekomimi036 Says:

    Too sad, I will try the next time, next year to… ^ ^ really awesome photos! to much form K-ON and vocaloid… ><

  2. Rin_Asano Says:

    mmm nothing excellent for me XD
    yes only k-on and vocaloid.. and a lot of nendo / figma!!
    they try to win with cute face of nendos XD

    mm but really.. I can’t find a nice photo!
    there are only these photos ? :\ so sad!

  3. iron2000 Says:

    I see some entries from regulars.

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