Grande Works’ Nendoroid Rei Previews


Continuing on Nendoroid Ayanami Rei, apparently it’s by Grande Works and will be another Wonder Festival 2010 exclusive ^^;



Although the figure is not released under Good Smile Company, the sculptor, Kodama Youhei, has indeed worked and have released a number of official Nendoroids under Good Smile Company, mostly exclusives. You can visit GW Site for more info.


Anyway, this “Nendoroid Storm Ayanami Rei Plug Suit Ver.” will be exclusively available at Wonder Festival 2010 Summer and will be sold as a Garage Kit. The stock will be limited to 50 pieces (1 per person) and sold at 10,000 Yen a piece.


Still, there’s always a possibility that GSC decided to get the license and release the PVC version.

Via Grande Works Blog.

6 Responses to “Grande Works’ Nendoroid Rei Previews”

  1. Nega3 Says:

    We got rolled. >>

    DARN IT GRANDE! I was looking forward to her!

  2. Akito Says:


  3. garturo62 Says:

    damn that sux a GK nendoroid

  4. aos Says:

    It’s not even about the GK aspect… this nendoroid looks kind of simple to paint, and it even looks like the eyes are pre-drawn for you. Even the 10,000Y price isn’t too bad, considering many of the older nendoroids will cost that much anyway.

    but the fact that there will only be 50… only FIFTY available… nearly impossible to get a hold of- even if you were willing to dish out twice as much cash as she’s going for.

    I don’t know if GSC will ever make a real nendoroid Rei… but max factory is making figmas…

  5. Nekomimi036 Says:

    I HATE the exclusive stuff!!! >< why!?

    She looks soooo awesome and cute!

  6. phossil Says:

    haha, very cute and funny!
    wait, an exclusive, WWhhyyy????

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