GSC’s Love Is War Previews


With Wonder Festival 2010 Summer around the corner, more previews are out just to tease us, and one of them is this upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Love Is War Hatsune Miku” by Good Smile Company ^^


I was hoping the figure to be coloured since last WF event, but guess not. Hopefully there will be a surprise at the event. Atleast the sculpt has been confirmed and looks solid and it actually looks fine even without the stand ^^;

Via Shokuen Twitpic.

6 Responses to “GSC’s Love Is War Previews”

  1. Imágenes de Hatsune Miku -Love is War- - figuradictos Says:

    […] Miku en escala 1/8 llamada “Love is War” y fabricada por Good Smile Company, ya que en el blog de wcloudxkumo han puesto un par de imágenes de esta figura donde se ve bastante más solida y acabada que la […]

  2. garturo62 Says:

    must get! one of my favorite miku songs

  3. aos Says:

    I had a minor heart attack…. this is BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been looking forward to this forever…. oh my god this is such a nice figure… the power in her facial expression, that pose- her hair is flying, she’s standing on one leg… she’s so beautiful! You can literally hear the Love Is War lyrics being sung by her when you look at her face…

    I remember watching, GSC had a live nicovideo broadcast focused on this figure. I don’t know japanese, but the guy held up a photo of a separate Miku without the base, maybe he was indicating that there would be an alternate version without the base- kind of like the BRS blade vs BRS cannon concept… not sure though.

    I think GSC is going to sell the figure & the base(or rather, STAGE!) separately… at least I hope, the base is HUGE and shipping costs would be through the roof…

    I already set aside 150USD for this figure… I hope it doesn’t cost too much!

    Love is war! Love for this figure will certainly be expensive though…!

  4. Nega3 Says:

    She looks better than I thought she would.

    To be honest, I didn’t like the huge base she had at WF winter. Too bulky.

  5. Atashi Says:

    Looks like the sculpt has been reworked. Slight repositioning of limbs and hair, and the tie and loop belt are completely different.

  6. Rin_Asano Says:

    I agree with the base…. too much for me!

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