BRS Blu-Ray & DVD Set Reservation Starts!!


The Limited Edition Black Rock Shooter Blu-Ray & DVD set is now open and Hobby Search is taking reservations for it as of today.

The set is scheduled for December 2010 release at 4,000 Yen retail price. You can also go Here if you are going for the Normal edition at 2,000 Yen retail price, but of course, it won’t come with the Nendoroid Puchi Black Rock Shooter set.

Most likely getting the Limited Edition ( ^ _ ^ );

17 Responses to “BRS Blu-Ray & DVD Set Reservation Starts!!”

  1. jake Says:

    Will they both be subtitled?

  2. aos Says:

    ONLY 4000Y!??! Well that is a nice surprise!! I know the price of Blu-Ray’s has gone down, but this comes with an artbook & puchis too… !

    Very happy! Definite get. Too bad hobbysearch isn’t giving a discount- but there isn’t much room to complain with an already low retail price!

    Love BRS!

  3. NyaHoshi Says:

    Got 2 ^^

  4. Darky-san Says:

    it is cheaper from AmiAmi
    only 3,540 yen

  5. Hado Says:

    4,000 yen!? I am amazing, what a great deal! No wonder it’s limited! I wish I had the money to buy this though.. I am terribly broke… $7..

  6. Shavelle Says:

    I can never remember, is Blu-Ray region-locked? I wanted to watch this on my US PS3.

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      You should be able to watch them. My PS3 can watch most Blu-Rays, including imported ones ^^

      As far as I can remember, no region lock for Blu-Rays.

    • Optic Says:

      Blu-ray is region free. Any Blu-ray player including the PS3 will play it.

  7. Feng Says:

    So what is the different between the normal BRS Blu-ray Disc (Book) @ 2000yen & the limited BRS Blu-ray & DVD Set (Book) @ 4000yen ??

    the only different i know is that the limited set come with 2 extra nendoroid puchi !

  8. NyaHoshi Says:

    Hmm now I wonder if I can watch it on my xbox elite. Blu-ray and DVD”?

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