GSC’s Nendoroid Yuki Disappearance Reservation Starts!!


This new figure of “Nendoroid Nagato Yuki Disappearance Ver.” from Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoshitsu, will be available this coming November 2010 by Good Smile Company for 3,500 Yen retail price. Hobby Search is taking reservations for her as of today.

Most likely getting ( ^ _ ^ );

4 Responses to “GSC’s Nendoroid Yuki Disappearance Reservation Starts!!”

  1. dk_1993 Says:

    i dont like the new shape of the hair ..ughh

  2. muffin Says:

    I’m getting this one. ❤ Her look with the coat and scarf are just too precious to pass up..!

  3. aos Says:

    I’m so glad GSC decided to “re-do” the Yuki nendoroid. This one is unbelievably cute.

    I’m upset that she doesn’t come with a chair or books, but her cardigan & scarf make up for it.

    You can also put the cardigan & scarf on other nendoroids- and instantly make a winter scene. It’s released in november too- when the snow will be falling! Very lovely.

  4. Nega3 Says:

    Fantastic remake. Haruhi’s going to be awesome.

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