Garage Kit Saber Extra Previews


We saw this gorgeous kit of “Saber Extra Ver.” from Fate/Extra at the recent Wonder Festival 2010 Summer event, and more has been uploaded over at Kaguisuchino site ^^











The Garage Kit will be available once again at Treasure Festa this coming October 31st, 2010. We can most likely expect a PVC version of it by Gift sooner or later.

5 Responses to “Garage Kit Saber Extra Previews”

  1. Leomb Says:

    The idea in general is really good. The movement and the details of th cloth are great. The colours are also pretty nice. But that face needs a lot of work yet…

  2. Nega3 Says:

    Looks amazing. I wonder if she will have a regular release nendoroid too. Seeing that Saber Lily got one. Could you imagine the 1/7 scale figure by GSC.

    I hope Gift mass releases this figure. ^^

  3. Reltair Says:

    The face…

  4. glockenpop Says:

    GSC will definitely make a 1/7 scale of this after the Saber Alter one is released. I will still get this if they maintain that metallic finish in the PVC version. ❤

  5. Ex14 Says:

    Never did like the Gift ver of face likethis…the details are nice though…

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