Kotobukiya’s Maxima Previews


Preview scans featuring the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Maxima” from Tony’s Heroine Works series by Kotobukiya ^^


Nothing much other than showing us a more in-depth previews of the concept art. The figure is already confirmed at the recent Wonder Festival 2010 Summer and is scheduled for Spring 2011 release.

Via 2chan.

3 Responses to “Kotobukiya’s Maxima Previews”

  1. Allnighter Says:

    I like the artwork. Depending on how the figure looks when it’s completed, this might be 1st figure I own based on Tony’s design. Since it’s a spring release, any chance the pre-orders would be ready before November?

  2. Bryan Says:

    Are there other characters other than Maxima and Urayuki?

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      There’s one more cat girl from Shining Heart, but they haven’t reveal her name yet.

      I’m gonna wait a bit until they reveal her before posting ^^;

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