GSC & Max’s Figurine Posing Tutorial

Good Smile Company and Max Factory posted some video tutorial on the techniques of figure posing for your Figma and Nendoroid use. The figure used for the demo are Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter and Figma Black Rock Shooter ^^

Via GSC Official Site.


11 Responses to “GSC & Max’s Figurine Posing Tutorial”

  1. aos Says:

    I love this a lot. I’m glad goodsmile is taking the time & money to produce these kinds of videos for their buyers. First time seeing a manufacturer do something like this, I hope they make more in the future. Very nice!

  2. yaku Says:

    I love how unlike other informational videos where everybody is standing straight facing the camera, all prim and proper, the GSC are just sitting casually or rolling around on the floor. That’s how you open their boxes, by lying on the floor lol.

  3. Bryan Says:

    I wished they’ve showed something with rock cannon pose with figma brs.

  4. NegativeZero Says:

    This is a really good initiative – it must be frustrating for GSC to see their work displayed poorly. I myself am guilty of not posing mine very well, though to be fair, most of the older Nendoroids have terrible stand designs so you really can’t do a lot of posing with them if you don’t want them falling over. I wish they’d switched to the stand style used in the BRS Nendo a lot earlier.

  5. iron2000 Says:

    They have articles on posing on their blog too.

    • Q Says:

      Agree. There is a lot of emphasis on aligning the body and legs in a nice curvy S line. I gotta look up more on their tips on action poses. Lots of swivels and arrows from what I see in the blog, but didn’t actually read the text… Should have looked it up.

  6. softz Says:

    This is definitely something worth watching. Very interesting and some knowledge to be added to the pool.

  7. Reltair Says:

    Very informative. It’s nice of them to take the time to make these videos.

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