Hobby Max’s Dead Master Previews


Hobby Max finally completed their 1/8 scale Garage Kit of “Dead Master” from Black Rock Shooter ^^







Definitely look gorgeous. I would definitely get her if the PVC version is released ^^

More at their Blog.

Via fg Site.

4 Responses to “Hobby Max’s Dead Master Previews”

  1. Kayseur Says:

    DO WANT !!
    I love this figure… I can’t find word to describe what I feel right now but… Do need. I’ll do whatever I can for get her !

    The hobby max’s work is really awesome.

  2. miokanii Says:

    looks better than GSC’s ver sobbb

  3. Kimono Taku Says:

    Whoa~ that´s simply amazing. But the face… it looks me weird for some reason, but i like the figure and also the oversize Scythe, the skull with the green flame (it would look better if it´s clear green but) almost everything about this figure xD

  4. Bryan Says:

    Aww! I think this was a GK. I still like the head shape from GSC

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