GSC x Hobby Japan’s Hattori Junko Previews


Mikatan updated her Blog with preview images of the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Hattori Junko Ninja Suit Ver.” from Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou by Hobby Japan as part of the Queen’s Gate series, in collaboration with Good Smile Company ^^










As mentioned earlier, the figure will be another exclusive and can only be ordered through Hobby Japan mail magazine. Reservations already opened and set for 7,980 Yen retail price.

Via Mikatan’s Blog.

4 Responses to “GSC x Hobby Japan’s Hattori Junko Previews”

  1. Fabienne Says:

    very nice, the figure is probably better than the show she’s from

  2. melty Says:

    Thanks for informing me on the proxy service. I have placed an order for this figure and can’t wait for it! thanks again.

  3. Devastator001 Says:

    She looks better than her combat book too am very tempted @_@

  4. cumbo Says:

    She’s gorgeous, so colourful and exciting. Can’t wait for the reservations to open.

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