Nendoroid Hirasawa Ui Previews


Preview scans featuring the upcoming “Nendoroid Hirasawa Ui” from K-ON! by Good Smile Company ^^


The figure is scheduled for January 2011 release at 3,500 Yen retail price.

Via 2chan.

6 Responses to “Nendoroid Hirasawa Ui Previews”

  1. fatenagisa Says:

    its not an exclusive right ?

  2. dk_1993 Says:

    oh two bodies? …cool

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ui is one of my fav’s with Mio

    GIMME NOW!!!!

  4. johnny Says:

    gimme a regular sized Ui figure while your at it

  5. | Preview af Hirasawa Ui nendoroid Says:

    […] Kilde 2chanKilde wCloudxKumo […]

  6. Reltair Says:

    I knew they just had to make a Ui nendo.

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