GSC’s Tohsaka Rin Preview


A preview scan featuring the upcoming 1/7 scale figure of “Tohsaka Rin” from Fate/Stay Night -Unlimited Blade Works- by Good Smile Company ^^

The figure is scheduled for release sometime in 2011. It also stands at an impressive 30cm in height.

Via 2chan.

22 Responses to “GSC’s Tohsaka Rin Preview”

  1. Ami Says:

    WOW just wow! 😀

  2. cumbo Says:

    She’s gorgeous, on my ‘Wish List’ no question !!!

  3. ragnablade Says:

    Is she really 30cm? I hope that’s just box size. If she’s that big, I’m afraid of the price.

  4. Sanyachan Says:

    is it me or the face looks weird >_>?

    • shinobi2u Says:

      Yeah, first thing I thought when I saw it was ‘what the hell is wrong with her face’. If they fix that, I’d buy it in a heartbeat, but right now I prefer the old school GSC one of Rin with Berserker.

  5. Rin_Asano Says:

    face : terrible
    shirt : too plastic… maybe it’s an armor?

  6. kuuki Says:

    I agree, the face seems a bit off.
    Something about the pose seems a bit wierd to me. Think it’s the legs.

  7. Devastator001 Says:

    hmm prolly the lips seems abit too squished close to the nose.. @_@? and something about the eyes too…

  8. Rin_Asano Says:

    eyes are a bit big and too near :\

  9. Jono Says:

    Huge letdown for the rin statue. 😦
    seeing as its still in early stages, they better fix it! Had high hopes for this.

  10. glockenpop Says:

    Yeah now that you guys mention it, her eyes are pretty weird. People on 2chan compared it to development photos and it’s quite different.

  11. phossil Says:

    Great Rin figure!! 🙂

  12. arcium Says:

    Been waiting for this figure, I will get this one!

  13. Fegelein Says:

    The proto looked way better seriously, but this is still a get nonetheless

  14. Alex Says:

    I don’t understand people that acknowledge the figure has a major fatal flaw, yet decide to waste their money buying it anyways.

    I was so excited for this when the prototype came out and now this preview of the finished product disappoints me beyond no other.

    They’ll probably fix her face since our brothers on 2chan have been raising up a storm. They’re just decals that need to be redesigned and reapplied.

    But still, there are people who are posting here that are going CRAZY over it even though they know the most crucial part of her (the face) is hideous.

  15. Fegelein Says:

    I’m sorry for asking, but do 2ch people have a say over this?

  16. Xiphias Says:

    I seriously hope that GSC will change the face now that so many people are complaining, it is so different from the original picture. I was so excited at first over the prototype and thought this is a must buy, but now the face killed my desires.

  17. ragnablade Says:

    The face is not BAD. But the prototype face is better.

  18. Devastator001 Says:

    It’s a pass for me unless they fix the face the shiny dress I can let pass but not the face… money’s tight and for a GSC I’d expect better quality from them 😛 (here’s hopping it’s just some troll who photoshopped the pics @_@)

  19. Reltair Says:

    I thought she would look better than this when painted. :/

  20. Deroth Says:

    They will most likely change her face as they did with Senjougahara. GSC always tweak their figures until the release, for example I really disliked DM anime ver until they showed the final previews of her, at that point she looked fantastic! They even added the black and white tiles to her base. Give them time I’m sure Rin will look fantastic in the end!

  21. Review: Good Smile Company 1/7 Tohsaka Rin (Unlimited Blade Works) « Figyura (フィギュラ) Says:

    […] started in Jan. 2010 with a preview poster, which became an unpainted sample in March, followed by a painted sample in October, and finally preorders in November with a release date all the way out in the middle of 2011.  All […]

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