GSC Wonder Festival 2011 Winter Teaser


Mikatan updated her Blog with some teaser images on what you can expect at GSC Booth at this weekend Wonder Festival 2011 Winter event ^^


2 Days left until WonFest~!!

Via Mikatan’s Blog.

8 Responses to “GSC Wonder Festival 2011 Winter Teaser”

  1. Actar Says:

    Apologies, but when exactly is Wonderfest? The 5th or the 6th?

  2. misterowl24 Says:

    Madoka catches my eyes but is it a petit or a full nendo. Is that Miku but where is Luka? Another variant for Touko sempai?

    Finally, which color scheme are they going to use for Fractale, anime or novel? lol

  3. Negativezero Says:

    OOOH! Valkyria Chronicles nendo? I need more porcavian hans! Panty and stocking too?

    • Shinobi2u Says:

      My first reaction was ‘Nooooooo, what I am going to have to buy to get that?’. Looks like it is the Valkyur girl from VC3. Fractle, Bakemonogatari, and Bungaku Shoujo as well?!?! Damn you GSC, you will never let my wallet rest….

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    Nadia is mine! I’m excited at their nendo choice.

  5. garturo62 Says:

    damn a madoka nendoroid I’m going to die~

  6. -OJ- Says:

    What’s with the Bungaku Shoujo nendo? A re-release or a new version?

    The only one I can’t figure out is the one with the glaases on the base. The boot looks like Hatsune Miku’s though. Anyone knows what’s that?

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