Beware Of The Fake Nendoroid BRS


Once again, Good Smile Company have updated their Site with new additional information on some of the fakes that are currently on sales now. This time featuring “Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter” by GSC.

It’s a little bit hard this time because some of the differences can only be spotted when you actually opened the content, but of course, we’ll try our best to help you ^^

Left (Blue) is Fake and Right (Red) is Genuine:


– Take note of the “DVD Bonus Sticker” for the Black Rock Shooter OVA. Fake doesn’t have that.

They didn’t mention it but we can assume that Fakes does not have the bonus DVD included inside. If they do, please check the DVD Label and Jacket for confirmation. Just for clarification, all Genuine Nendoroid BRS should have the bonus DVD included.


– The “Zipper” should have a hole. Fakes don’t have those.


– The upper part of the coat near the neck area should be “Flesh/Skin” coloured. Fakes totally black.


– For the Face parts, fakes have theirs joined and blended together with the neck joint.

Keep a look out peeps~!!

Via GSC Info Section.


6 Responses to “Beware Of The Fake Nendoroid BRS”

  1. Omnom Says:

    Half a year later when most people bought theirs already =/”’

  2. bd77 Says:

    Oh dear… I was those selling at a anime/comic convention in Dec 2010. Very cheap, and yes, it lacks the DVD (even had the gall of saying it was the non-DVD version). XD

  3. Balin Says:

    The fake version has the DVD sticker. Very poor information of GSC. Thanks for all. The fake version of Dead Master is selling in ebay.

  4. softz Says:

    Why are people buying a fake version? Shouldn’t collectors buy genuine ones? Unless the sellers want to cheat the buyers 😦

  5. Balin Says:

    Not all people in the world, knows that exist figures original and fake. Many sellers buy this crap like original. Beware.

  6. Mavis Says:

    I’m glad the one i bought is Original

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