BRS The Game New Trailer + Voice Overs

New trailer clip of the upcoming “Black Rock Shooter The Game” for the PSP, this time featuring the voice of BRS, voiced by Sakamoto Maaya.

I felt that the voice isn’t suitable for BRS…sounded too young? Probably would be better if Sakamoto Maaya used her Lightning’s voice ^^; Initially, I thought the one who said the game title at the end is BRS voice, which I think sounded much better.

Via BRS The Game Site.

2 Responses to “BRS The Game New Trailer + Voice Overs”

  1. Toonleap Says:

    I must agree with you. The voice at the end is more suitable than the voice in the entire video. The voice should sound more mysterious and less childish. That was accomplish at the end where the girl says “Black Rock Shooter, the game”

    It is a letdown… 😦

  2. Omnom Says:

    Can’t wait for the new BRS game ver figma.

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