HJ’s Lili Previews


Moeyo updated their Site with preview images of the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Emilie De Rochefort Lili” from Tekken by Hobby Japan as part of the Queen’s Gate series ^^








For more information on the reservations, you can refer to this Post.

More at Moeyo.

3 Responses to “HJ’s Lili Previews”

  1. Chai Chen (@chenmeicai) Says:

    Now that there are more of these out, I’m more than willing to “pass.” I’m a Lili-fanatic but this one’s really not for me I guess. 😦

  2. Rainyday Says:

    Somehow, it doesn’t feel very Lili-ish…

  3. yama Says:

    As someone who knows absolutely nothing about Tekken or the character, I think this figure looks pretty cool. ^^

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