Beware Of The Fake Tenshi


Once again, Good Smile Company have updated their Site with new additional information on some of the fakes that are currently on sales now. This time featuring 1/8 scale figure of ”Tenshi” by GSC.

Left (Blue) is Fake and Right (Red) is Genuine:



– Take note of the “Inspection Sticker” at the front and the “Manufacturing Sticker” at he back of the packaging box. Fakes don’t have those.


– Take note of the colour of the inner cuffs. Fakes are painted in white and usually have bad paint jobs.


– Take note of the upper stand colour. Fakes are cloudy in colour.


– Take note of the “Eye Prints” and Hair Sculpt. Fakes have much thinner and “Sharper” Eye Prints. The hair sculpt isn’t very good and have jagged edges, which shouldn’t be hard to notice.

Keep a look out peeps~!!

Via GSC Info Section.

One Response to “Beware Of The Fake Tenshi”

  1. Devastator001 Says:

    Also the fake face is quite off @_@!

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