AFA 2011 Loot


Weee~ got 2 signed posters by Angela ^^

I didn’t expect them to be there to do the signing. Kinda surprised, thought the posters were pre-signed. Managed to handshake with them~XD

8 Responses to “AFA 2011 Loot”

  1. yasulong Says:

    Angela… as in the angela did Fafner’s soundtracks ? that angela ??? Damn, they are my favorite, lucky you.

  2. yasulong Says:

    Would you plan to cover the event as much as you can ? From the AFA website, i see all kind of highlights, Ichiro Mizuki, kalafina, FMA:B movie, new Unicorn… and then there are Danny the man himself, pretty sick list, wish i can be there

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      The only things left is the Cosplay event, which I have recorded.

      I can’t cover much on the artist because photos/recording are not allowed, so no materials on that. I also missed Danny’s panel ^^;

  3. Actar Says:

    Man, I would have loved to meet the man who consolidates some of the figure news and releases on his blog. You need to wear a big t-shirt that says: ‘I’m Wcloudxkumo’ on it next time.

  4. lunn1986 Says:

    How did you get those? After the concert or before? 😮 Coz i was there too, i heard of these but i dunno how to get it T___T_

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      The signed posters are prizes for those who bought the VIP tickets. All autographed sessions, except for Flow I think, happened before concerts.

      As for Angela it was on Sunday at 11.45 AM. The location was near the mini-stage at the back of the hall.

  5. lunn1986 Says:

    Ahhh!! Missed that T____________T I also bought a VIP ticket..i thought it is AFTER the concert Noooooooooo……

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