Kotobukiya’s Fear Reservations + Previews


Dengeki updated their Site with preview images of the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Fear Cubrick Spare Clothing Ver.” from C3 Cube×Cursed×Curious by Kotobukiya ^^




Reservations already opened over at Dengeki Online Shop and will run through January 31st, 2012. The figure itself is scheduled for May 2012 release at 6,800 Yen retail price.

Via Dengeki Online Shop.

3 Responses to “Kotobukiya’s Fear Reservations + Previews”

  1. Actar Says:

    Please let the clothes be removable, please let the clothes be removable, please let the clothes be removable…

  2. feriel1216 Says:

    LOL Actar. If she’s all castoffable.. Hoping to see her in one of your video reviews. XD

  3. Fear figur lavet af Kotobukiya | AnimeGuiden Says:

    […] Kilde wCloudxKumo […]

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