Metal Gear Rising New trailer

Latest trailer for the upcoming “Metal Gear Solid: Rising” game, now being rebooted as “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” ^^

Damn…looks awesome!! can’t wait~

2 Responses to “Metal Gear Rising New trailer”

  1. Ragnablade Says:

    Looks more like Ninja Gaiden then Metal Gear

  2. Letgolass Says:

    Supposedly this takes place a few years after 4…

    Meaning that:
    Snake – Everything he did was all for nothing.The world is still at war, Metal Gear spam all over the place, and now with Cyborg-spam sprinkles on the top. Yum.

    Raiden – Back in a normal body in a happy ending with Rose and kid? Think again.

    Seriously, this has zero need of being part of the Metal Gear franchise. They may as well just switch to completely new characters in a different world and make it a new franchise…

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