Max’s Kuroneko Kamineko Previews


Max Factory updated their Figma Blog with preview images of their upcoming 1/7 scale figure of “Kuroneko Seitenshi (Sage Angel) Kamineko Ver.” from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai ^^




The figure itself is scheduled for May 2012 release at 8,800 Yen retail price. Reservations will open on January 10th, 2012.

Via Figma’s Blog.

One Response to “Max’s Kuroneko Kamineko Previews”

  1. Yamadipati Says:

    I’m not much for PVCs but damn was i glad i preordered her Kamineko Figma…

    But this…

    This made me doubt my will to stay off PVCs

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