Hobby Japan’s New “7 Sins” Project


Similar to what they did with Hyakka-Ryoran, Hobby Japan is announcing a new project series called “The Seven Deadly Sins”, which pretty much feature characters based on the seven sins.

As with Hyakka-Ryoran, the character design will be done by Niθ. Here are the revealed characters so far:

Lucifer (Pride)


Leviathan (Envy)


Asmodeus (Lust)


Satan (Wrath)


Belphegor (Sloth)


Mammon (Greed)


Beelzebub (Gluttony)


The series will also comes with a figure line-up just like Hyakka-Ryoran, but unfortunately Alter will not be in this. This time it will be a collaboration project together with Orchid Seed. Previews of the figure line-up will start in the upcoming new issue of Hobby Japan magazine.

You can visit the Official Website for more information, which was just recently opened.

Via Moeyo.

8 Responses to “Hobby Japan’s New “7 Sins” Project”

  1. Ringo Says:

    Love the designs. Belphegor is my favorite for some reason though. xD

  2. arcium Says:

    Wonder how they will turn out, would have preferred Alter, but still, have to wait and see, also, will these be exclusives?

  3. Anon Says:

    Orchid Seed is a good company, very good at cast-off.

    And I bet this are exclusive, its Hobby Japan … kinda annoys me as its going to push back Orchid Seed releases (still waiting for Lineage II Dark Elf …)

  4. Baldulf Says:

    Can’t say I dig the designs much.

    I think Ni0 was better back then, with the Jingai Makyo and Jango series (lovely figures came out of those characters)

  5. Adam Says:

    Pushing out ecchi harem series seems to be the Hobby Japan formula. They were also involved with Queen’s Blade, right?

    Disappointed to see that Alter didn’t get the nod this time around. Orchid Seed isn’t horrible and they sort of specialize in cast-off figures, which goes well with all the Hobby Japan series, but I was actually glad that the Alter figures *didn’t* have cast-offs. 😐

    Kind of interesting how Hobby Japan spreads the figure licensing around. Queen’s Blade was mostly MegaHouse, Hyakka Ryouran was Alter, and now we’ve got Orchid Seed.

  6. flynn Says:

    Glad you wrote an article about this. Pics popped up last month from hobby japan’s magazine so I’ve been waiting for someone to shed some more light on this project. We still dont really know what it is though? Light novel, anime, just a special interactive website? I’m just glad we are getting figures.

  7. Pegas Rider Says:

    Hm… Is that mean that we will see soon a new ecchi-anime too? ))

  8. wieselhead Says:

    Leviathan is too good ^.^

    Haha nice that Orchid Seed will take this up.

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