Figma Insane BRS Previews


The Official Site of Black Rock Shooter TV Animation has been updated with preview images of the upcoming “Figma Insane Black Rock Shooter” from Black Rock Shooter by Max Factory ^^









The figure will be another exclusive and will be bundled with the release of Limited Edition Blu-Ray/DVD box set of the series. The set is scheduled for release on June 22nd, 2012 at 29,400 Yen for the Blu-Ray and 25,200 Yen for the DVD set.

Via BRS TV Animation Site.

10 Responses to “Figma Insane BRS Previews”

  1. toonleap Says:

    I am just getting sick of this BRS fever…I only have one figure of her (BRS 2035) and I think that´s good enough… This is just a milking technique, I am telling you.

  2. crophecy Says:

    Yeah, we can tell they’re milking the series, but it’s working.

  3. feriel1216 Says:

    Insane price as well… ><

  4. Nekomimi036 Says:

    To much figma from BRS series, I have counted 3 new figma from this series… and this one is too expensive. -_-

  5. Wolff Says:

    Beautiful figure but absurd price… 25 k?

  6. fali Says:

    Whining about too many figures for BRS when Saber has 456457824625783456245 and 6 or 7 figmas herself. Haruhi has a ton. And Miku, well Miku almost tops the charts. Let fans of other anime have a turn?

    Get over it.

    Bought 2, no complaints.

  7. Figma Insane BRS Previews « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog – Ramblings about Figures, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] For more information on the figure you can refer to this Post. […]

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