GSC’s Chain:Saw Previews


First revealed back at Wonder Festival 2011 Summer, we finally get to see more on 1/8 scale figure of “Chain:Saw” by Good Smile Company Shanghai, now in colour ^^




Based on the following illustration by Poco:


Via FG Site.

13 Responses to “GSC’s Chain:Saw Previews”

  1. tsunderemeido Says:

    Does this mean there is hope yet for Miku Knight, which debuted as a GK alongside this?

  2. feriel1216 Says:

    No Info yet about price and release date?

  3. Nekomimi036 Says:

    She looks nice. Like her face.

    I very like when the figure maker made a figure, when the final product looks like the character from the illustration, anime or manga.

    That’s why I like GSC, ALTER (with the Altair’s series to), Orchid Seed, Max Factory, Native… ect.

    • Rainyday Says:

      Do you know if Volks products are good? I mean i can research on the net but wanna hear other’s opinion as well.

      • wcloudxkumo Says:

        Volks product is good quality, if you are into their Garage Kits. They have released a number of PVCs also, but I would say that it wasn’t as good compared to their kits.

        The only downside is that sometimes they are expensive and only available exclusively through their site or certain events.

      • Nekomimi036 Says:

        I agree with wcloudxkumo… Volks have good quality figure but sometimes they are too expensive and only available exclusively. ^ ^

        But I prefer or like the GSC, ect. … than Volks.

      • Rainyday Says:

        Ah, I see. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was referring to the PVC figures. I like Valkyria Chronicles and all but somehow their VC3 PVC doesn’t really have that much appeal. Their Nagisa one looks nice but I’m afraid of the end product after I look at their past PVCs.

        Thanks again for the response you two >.<

      • Zanber Says:

        Volks PVC figures are still lacking behind GSC, Alter and other major figure companies in terms of production quality. So basically you can’t expect to see their sample quality translating to mass produced figures. In addition Volks PVC figures are exclusive.

  4. Allnighter Says:

    Awesome sauce, my wallet is not safe again.

  5. MT Says:

    When is it ever safe? XD

  6. Rainyday Says:

    Daamn! She looks amazing! So IS-like~

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