Cerberus Project’s Elementalist Previews


Garage Kit previews of 1/6 scale figure of “Elin:Elementalist” from TERA by Cerberus Project ^^






The figure was available for display and was sold at Wonder Festival 2012 Winter event few days ago. Another great kit by Cerberus Project~

Via FG Site.

14 Responses to “Cerberus Project’s Elementalist Previews”

  1. Aza Says:

    The actual kit name is “The Exiled Realm of Arborea Elin”:

    “Elementalist” is something FG site just added on their own because the kit represents an Elin Mystic (and Mystic is Elementalist in jp TERA).

    Hopefully this gets turned into a PVC someday.

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      The one who posted the info is CB themselves actually. They also mentioned that the design is based on a Fanart, and took a while to get the license, but luckily in time for WF2012.

      FG Site is like Pixiv, but for Figurine Sculpturer ^^;

      • Aza Says:

        My bad ^^;

        Though I believe there’s a bit of a communication noise between CP webmaster and whoever of them added that info to FG Site. If you check the URL on CP site, they romanized エーγƒͺン as Alyn. So yeah…

  2. feriel1216 Says:

    “sigh” Tera online. Kinda disappointed me that they took back what they said about everyone could play it as long as the player will buy the game…Now, it’s only limited to those regions indicated on their list…

  3. Patrik Says:

    So where can one get ahold of this, aint going to japan till april..

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      It was only available during Wonfest 2012 Winter unfortunately. You can actually wait for the PVC version once a company decided to take the license to produce it. I can see Yamato going for this one.

      Shouldn’t be long though. I doubt they would pass this one.

  4. Rainyday Says:

    The Monster Hunter Garuna figure looks swell as well

  5. Brian Szabelski Says:

    She’s looking awfully pretty πŸ™‚ Lots of great garage kits at this year’s Wonder Festival Winter. It’s hard to pick a favorite!

  6. Vikeyev Says:

    any way to get this figurine in europe?
    im unable to read japanese or korean whatever language the websites are on XD

    • Aza Says:

      Currently it’s just an exclusive garage kit. Meaning you could have gone to Wonderfest, payed around 120€ and got a few dozen of resin pieces you would have to paint and assemble yourself.

      That’s why we’re hoping some company buys the resin model from Cerberus Project and mass produce a PVC figure based on it.

  7. Patrik Says:

    Lurked some and it seem like e2046 will be selling this one as a kit or pre painted.

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