Kotobukiya – Making of a Figure

For those who are curious on what it took to create a figure, here are “Behind The Scene” videos on the process of Figure Making by Kotobukiya. The 9-part video is part of special “Plamo Tsukurou” program.

It’s an old video so some of you might have seen it, but these give you an overall view of the process from concept design, sculpting, adjustment, colouring, Prototype and also the effort that was put through in making it.

The figure in question is 1/8 scale figure of “Air” by Kotobukiya. It was a limited edition figure that was sold back in 2008.

3 Responses to “Kotobukiya – Making of a Figure”

  1. nopu Says:

    Typical bigtits pandering but cool figure nonetheless.

  2. \\/\// Says:

    wish it was translated tho :/

  3. wieselhead Says:

    thx for the links

    I still can’t believe he started with rough plastic parts and wire ^0^

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