FREEing’s Bunny Ikaros Reservation Starts!!


This new 1/4 scale figure of “Ikaros Bunny Ver.” from Sora no Otoshimono, will be available this coming August 2012 by FREEing for 17,800 Yen retail price. Hobby Search is taking reservations for her as of today.

The bunny just got more expensive~

2 Responses to “FREEing’s Bunny Ikaros Reservation Starts!!”

  1. aos Says:

    Gee thanks FREEing, just when the US dollar is at an all-time low to the Japanese Yen, you decide to *raise* the price of your famous 1/4 scale bunny figures…

  2. Devastator001 Says:

    I have…mixed feeling on this one -_-; …Am glad they opted for a standing pose to fully leverage the 1/4 scale…but the lack of attention to detail to he face and fair not good for the price they’re asking 😦

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