Beware Of The Fake Nendoroid HMO Miku


Good Smile Company updated their Site with new additional information on some of the counterfeits that are currently on sales now. This time featuring ”Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO. Edition” by GSC.

Left (Blue) is Fake and Right (Red) is Genuine:


– Take note of the Inner Head Joint. Fakes have them blended together.


– Take note of the Arm Cuffs. Fakes have them all green.
– Take note of the Font Number on the shoulder. Fakes have different font on them, much thicker and closer to each other.


– Take note of the Drum Kit Leg Stand. Genuines should be Silver and Black colour.


– Take note of the Eye Iris & Pupil placement. Fakes are much closer.


– Take note of the Hair Sculpt. Fakes have jagged Edges.
– Take note of the Skin Colour. Fakes have much darker shade and tone.


– Take note of the Hip Joints. Genuines should have Flesh colour.


– Take note of the Drum Base Stand. Genuines have them reflective.
– Take note of the Negi Stick. Fakes have them much saturated.

Keep a look out peeps~!!

Via GSC Info Section.

3 Responses to “Beware Of The Fake Nendoroid HMO Miku”

  1. Diarek Says:

    Like most other fake/real goods comparison, i say probably only first 3 can be used, since you likely won’t have another genuine nen on hand to do the comparison when you do the purchase. And even with those 3, they only work when you know they ARE supposed to look like that. The same color ? Gunpla has them all the time, even up to MG kits. The head joint ? Do any preview figure post EVER show us the inner joint that not supposed to be seen ? (even if they do, admit it, no one look at those when they watch a kit preview )

    Though i think some experienced, attentive enough buyers might figure out something amiss with that Hip Joint and Font Number . Well, certainly not me, since i never bought a figure, and undoubtedly plenty other beginners who purchase their first Nen.

    Even more, a simple note “this is product of handmade crafting, some inconsistent are within expected” blah blah BS would render most of these moot anyway. And did i mention Photoshop and photography tricks ?

    Its not like i discourage these kind of posts, just want to point out they don’t really serve much purpose, unless you are buying that exact kit in question.

  2. kelly Says:

    o.o I got a real nendorid HMO Miku with fake parts, just the head and the hair peice, i have the real head and hair peice but i like the fake ones.. better.

  3. Julie Wong Says:

    My boyfriend just gave me nendoroid as an early birthday gift. I was super happy but when I really started looking at it I had some suspicions. It was in fact a fake. The leeks, font number, drum base stand, drum kit leg stand, and arm cuffs all matched the real one but when I looked at the inner head joint and the hip joints I knew it was a fake. It’s one of the better made fakes and I’m glad my bf didn’t pay a real nen price for a bootleg. This really helped me confirm my suspicions so thank you. I’m still happy with my gift though because my bf remembered how much I loved nendoroids so it’s the thought that counts. ^ u ^

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