Beware Of The Fake Tony Miku


Good Smile Company updated their Site with new additional information on some of the counterfeits that are currently on sales now. This time featuring 1/7 scale figure of ”Hatsune Miku Tony Ver.” by Max Factory.


Left (Blue) is Fake and Right (Red) is Genuine:


– Take note of the Manufacture Company Sticker. Genuine items should have those on the back of the packaging box.


– Take note of the Twin Tails. You should be able to detach them with Genuine items.


– Take note of the Eye Paint quality and proportion. Fakes should have them out of proportion and poor quality.


– Take note of the Hair Sculpt quality. Fakes have jagged edges and rough sculpt.


– Take note of the Paint Job for the clothing. Genuine should have Gloss effect.

Keep a look out peeps~!!

Via GSC Info Section.

3 Responses to “Beware Of The Fake Tony Miku”

  1. Alois Trancy © (@CandyAddict_) Says:

    oh no mina is fake ; _ ;

  2. Helena Says:

    I wish I’d found this sooner… ;n; I don’t know what to do with mine now TTnTT

  3. Christina Says:

    I accidentally bought a fake. I think my fake Miku is nice enough but the gradient in the twin tails of the authentic one is just a bit nicer. My fake is still nicer than a lot of my other figures and was 40$ instead of 120$ (I should have known it was too good to be true) Most people can’t tell that it’s a fake just by looking at it without seeing the comparison. That said, actually seeing them side by side comparison breaks my heart a bit. There’s a serious difference in quality. I liked what I saw and I bought it. I like the authentic once MORE but I don’t like my Miku-chan LESS ❤ Less by comparison, yes. Less than originally, no. Still, I'm going to bust out my model varnish for that glossy finish that actually looks much nicer

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