Nendoroid Snow Miku 2013 Design Previews + Vote


Mikatan updated her Blog with preview images featuring a number of design which will determine the final design for the upcoming “Nendoroid Snow Miku” for the year 2013 ^^





A total of 4 finalist design has been chosen, and a voting period will be opened during the GSC Live broadcast over at Nicolive tomorrow at 7 PM Japan time, to determine the final design for “Nendoroid Snow Miku 2013” by Good Smile Company.

Via Mikatan’s Blog.

4 Responses to “Nendoroid Snow Miku 2013 Design Previews + Vote”

  1. Letgolass Says:

    Personally I prefer 4, but I guess 2 (or may be 3?) will be the winner…

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      I’ll go for 4th myself. The design is unique with the hood and all. I’m interested to see how it would fare in figure form~:D

      The others are nice, but design wise it’s the same “Twin Tail” miku, just with different outfit~

  2. aos Says:

    Oh my gosh these are so unique and each one is so cute! #2 and #3 are too similar to the old version though, so I don’t want those to win… but #1 and #4 are both so cute and unique in their own ways…

    I’d vote for #4 though, that Miku Style is ridiculously adorable… I just miss her twin tails though 😦

  3. Stephen Sanjaya Says:

    i wanna #2 and #4 =)

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