Alter WF2012 Summer Teasers


Alter updated their Blog and Altair’s Blog with some info and teasers on what you can expect at their booth over at Wonder Festival 2012 Summer this coming Sunday ^^


– 1/8 scale Misty – Shining Blade
– 1/8 scale Melty – Shining Hearts
– 1/8 scale Mirakurun – YuriYuri
– Strike Witches Series


– 1/8 Scale Waver Velvet – Fate/Zero (Top Image)
– 1/8 Scale Jude Mathis – Tales of Xillia
– 1/8 Scale Ittoki Otoya – Uta no Prince-sama
– 1/8 Scale Ichinose Tokiya – Uta no Prince-sama

More at event.

Via Alter’s Blog & Altair’s Blog.

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