Nendoroid Fluffy Snow Miku Faulty Info


Good Smile Company updated their Site with information on their “Nendoroid Snow Miku Fluffy Coat Ver.”, following its shipment earlier last week.

As we know, the figure was delayed several times due to faulty parts found during production, and finally it is ready for shipments. Unfortunately, some of the figures shipped may still include faulty parts on them. So to fix that, GSC will be sending replacement parts to those who actually gotten the faulty figures, such as unable to remove the hair joints which in the end leading to breaking it.


This replacement parts will include the Mic Stand, Shovels, and Hair Joints for the Twin Tails. Shipping for the replacement parts will starts around the end of September, and will go on until March 3rd, 2013. Keep in mind that there might be some delays on the shipping for the parts if stock is depleted.

If you found any other faults with the figure, you can contact GSC through their Support.

Via GSC Info Section.

5 Responses to “Nendoroid Fluffy Snow Miku Faulty Info”

  1. poonanny Says:

    according to 2chan, she has WAY more issues then just these. i wonder what happens to people who bought this from a proxy.

  2. mmb2knives Says:

    That’s coz GSC has Changed its production from Japan to china

  3. hoez Says:

    I believe the hair ribbon was also added to the replacement parts list.

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