GSC’s Karen Previews


Mikatan updated her Blog with preview images of the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Araragi Karen” from Bakemonogatari by Good Smile Company ^^









Reservations will open on January 16th, 2013.

Via Mikatan’s Blog.

6 Responses to “GSC’s Karen Previews”

  1. Letgolass Says:

    Wonder how many % of the figurine’s cost will be wasted (IMHO) on the stand…

    I mean, for that ALTER Saber with the bike, it’s fine and all as the bike also plays the centerpiece along with Saber. Hell, even Nadeko’s torii and pond stand is worth the cost…

    But is there any need to put so much effort on this road-roller? I know it’s based on the BD cover art, but all these scratch marks and shadowing of details to the sides and mechanic parts just adds more and more to the figurine’s price… I really don’t find these additional costs justified.

    • Letgolass Says:

      How do they say this? The sculptor’s personal オナニー?

    • Nana Says:

      Yeah agreed… Karen herself looks nice, nice enough to preorder. But that roller thing just looks like a big piece of wasted moolah if you ask me. In the art it looks fine, but in figure form it look tacky and space-hoggy. Well, at least it’s an easy pass.

      • Letgolass Says:

        If only they will sell it like how they did with the Miku Love is War DX ver.(the one with the huge speakers(?) stand), having one version with just a simple stand and the figurine, and another with this road-roller stand…

        This Karen figurine so well done that’s quite a pity…

  2. aos Says:

    I guess they’re just continuing the trend though…

    Senjou had her falling stationary, Tsubasa had her school desk, Nadeko had her pond, Kanbaru had her books, Shinbou had her dougnuts, mayoi had her backpack… and finally Karen has her steamroller.

    They had to stay with the trend and stay ontopic with the DVD covers, I think this was necessary. I think it looks lovely, but yeah I bet the price will be 9800Yen.

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