Max’s Figma Hayate 2nd Reservation Starts!!


This new “Figma Yagami Hayate The Movie 2nd A’s Ver.” from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s, will be available this coming July 2013 by Max Factory for 3,800 Yen retail price. Hobby Search is taking reservations for her as of today.


11 Responses to “Max’s Figma Hayate 2nd Reservation Starts!!”

  1. Actar Says:

    Nice! The very first loli Hayate figure.

  2. Avari Says:

    Hopefully they dont make 5 more versions of her so no other anime characters get any chance of being made.

    • Actar Says:

      Yup, because GSC/MF only has a set number of figures that they can make and it’s not like they will continue making figures for the foreseeable future or anything. (^.^;)

      Anyways, if you’ve seen the movie (which has been out for a few days), you’d see that there isn’t any other version of her to make.

      …unless of course they decide to do a wheelchair causal clothes version of her, which would be phenomenal – but I doubt that will happen.

    • Letgolass Says:

      Guess what? Movie 3rd has just been confirmed, and it’s said that it won’t be based on StrikerS!

      So meaning we will likely be getting 5 more versions of every one of them when the next movie comes out, what joy!

      Bonus! We will also, most likely than not, be getting the redesigned 2.0 versions of the 19 years old girls with the inevitable release of the 4th or 5th movie based on StrikerS!

      • Actar Says:

        Honestly, I have no idea why you guys are getting so worked up over this. I don’t care much for Vocaloid, BRS, Saber or many of the Nintendo characters, but it doesn’t mean that I fuss, brood or fume over it. Of course it would be ideal if only figures of characters that I like were made, but that would be extremely selfish of me and the world doesn’t work that way.. Someone out there is happy with those figures and hey, to each their own. I buy my favorite figures when they are made and you buy yours. Why spoil other people’s fun? If you don’t like that one particular figure, just skip it and wait for the next one.

        Also, as I said, it’s not like GSC/MF have limited resources and the opportunity cost of making Nanoha figures isn’t that great (if any at all). From a business standpoint, it would be more worth while for them to keep putting out figures from franchises that they have already acquired the rights to, so it’s not like they will be tackling new franchises if they stopped making Nanoha figures. They’d probably turn their attention to making more figures from other long-running and popular franchises that they already have the rights to.

        That being said, look at the sheer variety of figma figures out there. Nintendo, Berserk, Cobra, Tekkaman Blade, Hidamari Sketch, Persona, HunterXHunter, Nyaruko, Madoka, Symphogear etc… It’s even more diverse then it ever has been, seeing that instead of one figure per month (like it was in the beginning with the Haruhi cast), they are coming out with 2-3. There are tons more for you to spend your money on. If there aren’t any that tickle your fancy, you know what? Save up for the next big purchase.

        Lastly, the next movie will be out in what, 2-3 years? Seriously, you’re worrying over the future of the figure line 2-3 years down the road? Relax, take a break, have a Kit Kat and enjoy the 2-3 Nanoha-less years you have before you right now.

        PS: I loathe their 19 year-old forms and won’t be buying them either. (^o^)

      • Letgolass Says:

        Hey, I am just glad that they decided to release her as one figma, instead of cutting her up into pieces to sell multiple times.

        Coz as we all know, if she’s as popular as Fate or Nanoha, she will be released as one basic version with the normal hair color, bare arms and the staff, and another unison version with the unison hair color, books and wings.

      • Letgolass Says:

        Annnndddd… of course, if you enjoy getting sucker punched in the guts so much, well, good for you I guess?

        But it’s not so good for the rest of us. You see, if enough of people like you exist, they start getting the idea that they can sucker punch everyone and everyone enjoys it. And by sucker punch, I mean like that series of Fate figmas, which are basically minor body part swaps with different weapons.

        Say, the upcoming Miku 2.0. They may start getting ideas to release a version with the >o< face + negi and her twin tails shaped to be in motion, and another version with the normal singing face, mic + stand and normal twin tails. While I can't care less about figmas from series I don't give a damn about (this does not include the Nanoha series, btw), I reserve all rights to b*tch about it if I see that it may affect series I DO give a damn about.

      • Letgolass Says:

        I believe I said the exact same thing about GSC and their scaled Karen and her ridiculously priced steamroller stand.

      • Actar Says:

        @ Letgolass: Did you watch the movie yet? If so, you’d see that the outfits are all cannon.

        But if the issue you have with the figures is the ‘split’ releases, I can definitely see where you are coming from. However, I do feel that the Nanoha figures are a special case. Perhaps because all the different outfits are strictly speaking ‘unique’ and are named differently, they felt the need to split up the releases accordingly. This separation of releases by named outfits (regardless of similarity) is not something new to the figma line after all. I mean, Haruhi Winter and Summer uniform version?

        But on the bright side, if you only like one outfit, you only need to get the one. Also, by getting them all, you can display all of them at once, creating a kick ass display.

        Besides, the option remains open for you to not buy them if you don’t want to.

        (The Karen figure is a separate issue. They followed the art, and technically, the base is also a part of the overall presentation of the figure.)

  3. Avari Says:

    That being said, I have to say, I hate this anime to death, as well as Vocaloids, Fate/Stay, anything school girl (I love Nichijou but I don’t feel they are figure worthy, just kinda boring) …etc. I want some serious variety. BRS doesn’t fit this category for me, they made a few versions of her(4, not including WRS since that is a different person and IBRS is well also very different) but they were pretty diverse and she still doesn’t have as many as Fate.They don’t release them in such short amounts of time but rather stretch them out. They don’t even have their real world versions released so I really don’t see why BRS is being brought up so much, aside from a certain someone who seems to like to nitpick it. Ahem.

    But seriously, where in gods name are the rest of the figmas from the series they started from other anime?

    • Actar Says:

      Well, to each his/her own.

      I do agree with you to a certain extent, but the fact remains that there IS a huge variety of figma figures out there, more so than ever from freaking Robocop to Baseball Mascots! Being there from the very beginning, all we had were the Haruhi cast for a good couple of months some years back and look where we are now. And it’s only going to get better.

      Also, Loli Fate only has 5 figures of her in the figma line… Barrier Jacket (Movie 1st), School Uniform (A’s), Lightning Form, Sonic Form and Blaze Form (Movie 2nd)… They come out very, very sporadically, only when a major movie or game gets released. This being the case, you can rejoice for you won’t be seeing another Nanoha figma in a long, long time.

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