Nendoroid Racing Miku 2013 Preview + Reservations


Good Smile Company updated their Site with a preview images of their upcoming “Nendoroid Racing Miku 2013 Ver.” from Good Smile Racing ^^

As with previous releases, the figure will be part of a Sponsor package, with prices ranging from 10,000 Yen to 50,000 Yen retail price. The package set is scheduled for October 2013 release. Reservations already opened and will be taken until May 7th, 2013. You can start placing your order at GSR Online Shop.

7 Responses to “Nendoroid Racing Miku 2013 Preview + Reservations”

  1. CraftySalvager Says:

    What’s included in the Sponsor package? I can’t imagine any sane person paying 10-50k for a Nendo…

  2. Letgolass Says:

    Hmmm so this year the figma will be the general release instead?

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