Shuraki Trinity Box #01: Mishiro Akatsuki (Good Smile)

Finally, after a long wait, this beautiful “Shuraki Trinity Box #01: Mishiro Akatsuki” from Good Smile Company arrived at my place today this afternoon ^^


akatsuki 2

As the name implies, this is the 1st box release out of the 5 planned releases which features Mishiro Akatsuki, one of the 5 main characters of the Shuraki Trinity series. I ordered this through Hobby Search for 4,300 Yen. It comes with 2 bonuses, one is the “Shuraki Secret File Volume 01: Akatsuki” and the other is a 2-Disc Drama CD.

akatsuki 3

The “Shuraki Secret File Vol. 01: Akatsuki” shows some of the most gorgeous art of Akatsuki. The file also shows the Drama CD cast interviews, summary of the stories, and other characters’ biography.

akatsuki 4

The Drama CD comes with 2 CDs and the play length is 90 minutes. Other bonuses from the CD includes, what I think, the character song for Akatsuki, titled “End of Destiny” and sung by Akatsuki’s Seiyuu (VA) Koshimizu Ami. The Drama CD also features other famous Seiyuus such as Chihara Minori, Tamura Yukari, and Chiba Saeko ^^

akatsuki 5

I have to say, I’m totally impressed with this figure. The details were great and one thing I like is the material used for the Uniforms, especially the top wear. It’s not made from the usual PVC material. Instead, it’s like some kind of soft rubber plastic material, which you can stretch (Not too much ^^; ) and bend at will. Oh, and the scale is 1/8.

As mentioned before, this figure comes with 2 different outfits. One is the normal uniforms, the other is the battle-damaged uniforms, which you can switch around. Also, this figure is a full cast off (except the undergarments ^^; ).

akatsuki 6

Akatsuki comes with 2 Katana weapons, One is the red katana called Yominomu (黄泉乃夢) and the other is the blue katana called Aonoyuki (蒼乃癒鬼), which I think translates as “Blue Snow”. I don’t know about the red ones though ^^;

Anyway, pictures speaks thousand words and I took lots of them ^^ So, on with the shots ^^~

akatsuki 7

akatsuki 8

akatsuki 9

akatsuki 10

akatsuki 11

akatsuki 12

akatsuki 13

A little closer look of the bloody snow base ^^

akatsuki 14

Next are the Katanas ^^. The first one is the red katana Yominomu (黄泉乃夢). The details are just great ^^

akatsuki 15

The blue katana Aonoyuki (蒼乃癒鬼).

akatsuki 16

Close up ^^~

akatsuki 17

Next is with the Battle-damaged outfit.

akatsuki 18

akatsuki 19

akatsuki 20

akatsuki 21

Here are the shots you’ve been waiting for, cast off shots!! ^^~

akatsuki 22

akatsuki 23

akatsuki 24

A closer look~

akatsuki 25

akatsuki 26

akatsuki 27

There’s no doubt this figure is worth getting. Can’t wait for the rest of the Shuraki Trinity figure to arrive.

As for the “Secret File”, I’m planning to take/scan pictures of the content tomorrow. So look forward to it ( ^ _ ^ )/


2 Responses to “Shuraki Trinity Box #01: Mishiro Akatsuki (Good Smile)”

  1. gordon Says:

    don’t kinda like the base. my favourite is still liu mei feng. ^^;

    can’t wait for needa in april.

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Needa will be released on March apparently ^^; My Liu Mei Feng coming on April, the re-release though ^^

    Can’t wait for Char re-release date >.< Looking at it, probably it’ll be on either May or June.

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