MG Destiny Gundam – Extreme Blast Mode-

As promised, here it is “MG Destiny Gundam – Extreme Blast Mode -“ ^^


Managed to finish it during Chinese New Year break ^^; As mentioned before, Extreme Blast Mode offers some goodies that the normal version doesn’t have. They are the “Wings of Light”, 2 clear figures of Shin and Kira, and some weapon gimmick effects.

ebm 2

ebm 3

Other changes include Silver Chrome Joints and Gold colour Decals, both Dry and Water. Overall there isn’t much differences in terms of mobility and appearance, other than those goodies. Although the price is higher than normal version, I think it’s worth getting if you have some extra cash. The “Wings of Light” is one of the reason you should get it ^^

All right then, on with the shots ^^

ebm 4

ebm 5

ebm 6

ebm 7

ebm 8

ebm 9

ebm 10

ebm 11

Close up~

ebm 12

Action shots with “Wings of Light” and weapon gimmick~

ebm 13

ebm 14

ebm 15

ebm 16

ebm 17

ebm 18

ebm 19

I really like the wings effect ( ^ _ ^ )/


32 Responses to “MG Destiny Gundam – Extreme Blast Mode-”

  1. gordon Says:

    i’m curious as to what is your light source when taking pictures. lamp?

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Yep, believe it or not, it’s my desk/study lamp ( > _ < );. As for the blue lightning effect, I can only do it during the day, since it’s from my window glass.

    I really need a 2nd or 3rd set of light source =/ Atleast to remove those unwanted shadows.

  3. Danny Choo Says:

    Great photos!

  4. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Oh hey Danny! Thx for stopping by ^^

    Still learning to get better photos, but thx for the compliment :p

  5. gordon Says:

    yes i agree. u may want to consider getting a better light source to get rid of the unsightly shadows.

    i also find that in your pics, some areas are too brightly lit while some are poorly lit.

    just my humble 2 cents. ^_^

    and wow! danny is here! ^^;
    wcloudxkumo, u must repay the favour by regularly visiting and posting at danny’s blog too.

  6. wcloudxkumo Says:

    lol, will do will do. :p

    No worries ( ^ _ ^ )/

  7. ahyoong Says:

    Nice pictures!!! I got my own strike freedom FBM. Hope to get pictures as cool as this. Planning to get this Destiny to spar with my Freedom 😛

  8. Munz Says:

    hello again, more question for u. haha.

    k now i wna move into MG kit’s and plan on getting this one as my first.

    izit a bad idea? is there any xtra skills i need 2 noe? erm need 2 paint? mechanics? thx!

  9. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Getting an MG kit is always a challenge, and if you think you are ready, then might as well get it ^^

    There isn’t really any extra skills needed. MG involves more parts than normal 1/100 scale, atleast double the number. So as long as you follow the manual correctly, there shouldn’t be any problem. No paint needed. If this is really your 1st time, you’ll be surprised by the details on MG kit ^^; Although having extra painting and panel lines makes it much better ^^

    The only thing you need to take note of is that there are “Decals” provided with the MGs, either dry or water or both, mostly water. So might want to take a look on the proper way of putting them ^^;

  10. Munz Says:

    oh. kinda blur with the decals thing. how does it work? thx

  11. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Decals is a special sticker, totally different from the usual plastic stickers you get. There are 2 types, Dry and Water. Dry decals involved “Scratching” to apply preasure so it’ll stick on the surface. Easier way to do this is to use a masking tape.

    Just like the name, Water decals need water for the glue to stick. The use of “Tweezers” makes it easier to do this.

    You can find lots of easy tutorial on applying decals through out the net ^^

    @ Ahyoong

    MG Destiny EBM is a must get indeed ^^v

  12. Gamer4lyf Says:

    Nice set of pics..i actually think the half shadow half light thing going on kinda makes it kool, not sure if you actually intended it but meh… i would like to know what you do to remove the sprue marks…does just sanding abit really work..dont seem to do too well for me, i use p220 sandpaper and finish off with some p600 wet and dry… i seem to get marks which are darker than the actual plastic lol what do you do?

  13. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome~ ( ^ _ ^ )/

    Thx ^^; The photos weren’t intended to be like that in the first place. It’s just by accident~XD

    For the sprue marks, I only use the p220 sandpaper. Although I kinda used a different method which I learned from Hobby Japan magazine ^^; What I did was, I sand it just until it reach the surface, softly, Then I apply a marker which corresponded with the plastic colour. Last touch is to rub it off with a tissue ^^

    It’s not perfect, but people won’t really notice it, unless they “really” looking for the marks ^^;

  14. josh Says:

    hi, i was just wondering: how do u do all the little lines on the kit? i have several models that i want to paint but i have no painting experience. i’m a complete novice at adding the finishing touches to gunpla. do you have any tips or advice?

  15. josh Says:

    wow, may 27 already? thats a day into the future where i’m at, lol

  16. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome ( ^ o ^ )/

    I used a special “Gundam Marker” that are made exclusively for Panel lining ^^ It’s a thin marker, around 1-2 mm in diameter. You could probably get it from a hobby shop near your place, if there’s any ^^;

    Other stuffs needed probably just some cotton bud or tissues to wipe out the excess marker ^^

  17. josh Says:

    oh….gotcha. do you think an ultra fine point sharpie pen will work too?

  18. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Yeah, it’s fine. Just make sure it’s not those that dry really fast. Permanent one would be nice ^^

  19. mon Says:

    nice gundam model and pics… i’m looking into getting into this, but based on my researching on the web my money would be well spent on MG kits coz of the size and detail… but i hear alot of comments that beginners should start with NG or HG 1/144s… just tell me its possible to start w/ MG kit… i’m 30+ already so i have alot of patience, willing to learn… BTW, did you paint your FBM Destiny? i personally don’t know and don’t plan to paint, that’s why i’m looking at the MGs. Thanks in advance…

  20. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome ( ^ _ ^ )

    Thx ^^ It’s true that it would be better to start from the NG 1/100 scale or HG 1/144 scale if this is your first time, but since you want to try building the MGs, NG 1/100 scale is probably a better to start off with.

    You can start straight away building MGs if you want to, but it’s probably not a good idea. One is because it’s much more expensive and you probably don’t want to ruin it ^^ You can try MG maybe as your 2nd or 3rd Gunpla ^^

    Try building the lower grade 1st to get a feel on how it feels to build a Gunpla, because MG has more parts, and need some screwings sometimes ^^

    I don’t really paint my Gunpla much. The most I did is just by doing Panel Lining ^^; MGs are fine even without painting because of their details ^^

  21. Codester Says:

    hey ur model looks awesome!!!

    Hey i was wondering. When you do the panel lining do you only need a black gundam seed destiny marker or do its wings or other parts require different colors of markers.
    I am planning to panel line my Strike freedom too, as well as the Destiny when i get it and am wondering how many markers i really need. Like do you use the othe markers to do the painting? sorry im a noob at these things. HELP!!!!!!!!

  22. xlasher Says:

    i want to ask you. did u paint the damaged chrome part ?

  23. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Thx ^^;

    Sorry for the late reply, because I didn’t noticed your comment before. Need to pay more attention next time~XD

    Acually, doing the panel lining doesn’t really requires to use the special Gundam Marker. As long as you have a pen that has a tip thin enough to fit in the panel lines, it should be good enough ^^

    You don’t really need more than 1 market to do panel lining. 1 is enough, unless you want to try different colours ^^

    Good luck on your Freedom ^^


    If you are referring to the damage from cutting it off the gates, then I didn’t during that time because I don’t have the required colour ^^;

  24. eyeshield30 Says:

    hello there!
    your destiny is awesome!!
    are you painted it?

    i want to know how to get the gunpla so clean
    you know
    the plastic cutting is always not so clean

    anyway thanks

  25. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Thx ^^

    All I did was Panel Lining ^^;

    As for removing Sprue (the excess plastic after you cut it from the Runners), Sandpapering is the best choice. There are different series of Sandpapers that can help a lot for this ^^

    Of course, having some paints/markers to cover up the marks is also a plus ^^

  26. Eyeshield30 Says:

    Yes thats exactly what i mean, the sprue,,

    so the sandpaper do the job eh,,
    i never thought about that b4 ^.^

    thank y very much!
    eh,one question,do you doing the decals and sticker after finished building it or after you cut from runners?same 4 panel lining,
    Which is the best?

  27. wcloudxkumo Says:


    No problem ^^

    Decals and Stickers are definitely the last to do in the list ^^ You don’t want to paint over or damaged your decals in case you need some improvements on your kit. Always add them when you are sure that you have “finished” with your kit ^^;

  28. omuro Says:

    i was wondering when you’re done with sanding the sprues, (on the whitish-gray parts; arms and legs), did you paint the spots with the sprues? or did you just sand it and nothing else? btw do you know the colour guide 4 the whitish-gray parts 4 destiny?

  29. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Yep, I painted them over after, just so that to reduce marks, although not that significant ^^;

    Colour guide doesn’t really affect me much, because I don’t do airbrushing ^^; Although they did helped ^^

    So I can’t really help you much on that, sorry >_<

  30. Peter Says:

    so nice extreme gundam

  31. Gunpla lover Says:

    Hey, great pic for ur destiny!!!!

    I have 1 too, but i haven’t skill to take a good pic..T_T

    1 question….do you spray ur destiny with clear color?

    I’m very curios why it’s very shiny??

  32. Crappystuff Says:

    I need help with the decals, I don’t know where to place them since the manual doesn’t say anything about it. So I was basing from your Destiny and got the decals on the shoulders, shield, and wings. Aside from that I’m totally stuck. 😦

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