Mirai (Fan) Art Progress II

Another update on “Mirai Art” (Again) ^^;

Larger Version

So today I got her some hair extensions~XD Anyway :p I’ve decided to modify her hair big time, since I found the previous one a bit stiff and doesn’t really suit her. I think she looks much better now ( ^ _ ^ ) There’s still lots of stuffs to do for the hair, but managed to do some highlights and shadows. After I finished with the hair, then I’ll start with the uniforms, and then the rest.

The pace looking good so far and should be able to finish it by this week~ \( ^ o ^ )/

Oh, and everything is done using Photoshop CS2.


3 Responses to “Mirai (Fan) Art Progress II”

  1. Danny Choo Says:

    yum yum. cant wait – especially shadowing of rear area ^^;

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Pervert Danny~ ( > _ < = );

  3. Mirai (Fan) Art Complete!! « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog - Ramblings about Anime, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] Progress II Progress I Outline Initial Sketch […]

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