New Photoshoot Lightening Set Up

This is just a look on the new lightening set up I’m planning to use for my future reviews.

New set up:


– A desk lamp
– Custom made “Diffuser” (Cardbox + Tracing Paper)
– A Reflector (A piece of white board)



kosmos 2

I went to Artfriend today to get the materials. Bought the tracing paper and some new thick colour papers for the background. Using my “KOS-MOS Ver.4” for test model, I think the result came much better than I expected ^^ Although a second light source from the top would be nice and makes it much better. I tried using my room light, and the result didn’t come right. I guess I’ll go and check out IKEA for some cheap lamp ^^;

I’ve checked lots of website/blogs, for some advice on the lightening. In particular, I just want to thank Super Rats for the awesome (and cheap) tutorial on this ^^

This coming “Fauna 1/8 Scale” reviews will be using the new set up. Look forward to it ( ^ _ ^ )/

Ah forgot to add. All photos taken using SLR Nikon D40 ^^;

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14 Responses to “New Photoshoot Lightening Set Up”

  1. Fariz Asuka Says:

    Excellent job on the lighting set.. I think I might follow on your steps to make mine after I buy my Kureha first.. ^^

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Thx ^^;

    There’s still room for improvements ( > _ < );

  3. Hirito Says:

    Hmm… I got to make one myself too!! It wouldn’t cost too much right? Time to make use of the attic for photo-shoots, my room has no space to keep such a setup ><.

  4. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome~ \( ^ _ ^ )/

    Hmm it doesnt really cost much actually ^^ All you need is a desk lamp or two. This probably you already owned one, and then just an empty cardbox ^^ What’s left would be just some tracing papers and a large size coloured paper, which you can get pretty cheap at Artfriend.

    Overall, it won’t cost you more than S$10 at most ^^ So yeah, it’s a pretty reasonable and cheap set up ( ^ o ^ )/

  5. gordon Says:

    definitely look much much better than the previous. at least now no more unsightly shadows anymore. ^^

    do get a overhead lamp for even better results.

  6. Panther Says:

    Your light is not strong enough to me. Needs more ambient lighting. A hair light above might be good too, though it is not really necessary. I suppose room light will do for both, so long as it is not too strong.

    I need to get some stuff too. >_<

  7. super rats Says:

    It’s a little underexposed, but definitely in the range where adding a little brightness in PS would help. Otherwise, it looks good.

  8. kintaro23 Says:

    looks great! I’ve been using that setup as well, but I’ve never really found anything good for a reflector, so I’ll try that white board next time

    what I’ve been doing lately is trying to block off the background from the light so it kinda fades into the foreground.

    Your setup is really neat and clean though, my setups are always cluttered and unorganized ^^;

  9. Timotei Says:

    It looks pretty nice, love the background. I’m doing a few setups myself, trying different things and I like taking photos outside the best. And this is why, I’m getting 2 new lamps with 5000 Kelvin, which is daylight. It’s a pretty expensive hobby, but oh so joyful. ^^

    Good luck and let’s hope for a second lamp from above, slightly behind the figure.

  10. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Planning to~ ( > _ < )v


    I did try to use my room light. Although it’s white, I don’t know why but it turned orange once I took photo on it. So I guess I’ll just get a new overhead lamp, cheap one ^^;

    @Super Rats

    Welcome~ ( ^ o ^ )/

    Thx for the feedback ^^ Getting there ( > _ < )v


    Welcome~ \( ^ _ ^ )/

    Thx ^^; I just happened to have the space for it, so I guess it’ll get messier in the future, once I get new equipments~XD


    Thx ^^; Gonna go check IKEA for some cheap lamp ^^; I checked the website catalogue, and they had some nice overhead cheap desk lamp ranging from S$5 – S$20 ^^

  11. misakichii Says:


  12. wcloudxkumo Says:

    ( > _ < )!!

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