Fauna 1/8 Scale (Max Factory) [R18]

Here it is, as promised, the review for my “Fauna 1/8 Scale” from Max Factory which arrived few days ago ^^


Unfortunately (or fortunate), due to the nature of the figure, this will be another R18 content of review ^^; As usual, I’ll be posting the uncensored Full Cast Off photos, so just like before, don’t read this review if you find them offensive.

A little info on the character~ Fauna is the main heroine from the eroge “Megamisama Chu uihou” or “Megachu!”, and also the hentai anime adaptation of the same title. You can view the OP from the game below:

Just like the anime counterpart, this figure is too awesome to boot~XD The expression and the pose is great, and don’t forget the Full Cast Off goodies~ The paint job is great, and another charm points is the “Transparent” skirt ^^ I can’t recall any other figures from Max Factory that has Full Cast Off capabilities, so this might be the first.

The figure comes with an instruction manual on how to cast off the dress. No other accessories included, just a stand.

Anyway, just like I mentioned before, I’ll be using the new photoshoot set up for this review. So here are the usual shots~^^

fauna 2

fauna 3

fauna 4

fauna 5

fauna 6

fauna 7

fauna 8

fauna 9

fauna 10

fauna 11

fauna 12

fauna 13

Close up~

fauna 14

fauna 15

fauna 16

The dress~

fauna 17

Full Cast Off~ ( > _ < );

fauna 18

fauna 19

fauna 20

fauna 21

fauna 22

fauna 23

fauna 24

fauna 25

Pantsu ^^;~

fauna 26

fauna 27

The Stand~

fauna 28

fauna 29

fauna 30

fauna 31

I’m basically satisfied with the new photoshoot set up. The photos definitely came out great, although there are still room for improvements ( > _ < ) Gonna get a second lightening for the top. Anyway, Fauna is worth getting ( ^ _ ^ )/


3 Responses to “Fauna 1/8 Scale (Max Factory) [R18]”

  1. gordon Says:

    i have her too. she’s right in front of my computer.

    anyway good job bro! this got to your best shoot so far! nice background, no shadows. keep it up!

    btw photobucket don’t allow pictures that are “too sexy”. u many want to host them elsewhere. (‘~’)

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Hehe thx ^^;

    Yep, I saw yours at sgforum :p Actually I decided to get Fauna after seeing yours and Danny’s one~XD

    Yeah, looks like I need to find a new image host ;_;

    Anyway, I’ll try to improve the photo set up a bit. Gonna go IKEA this coming weekend ^^

  3. uzumakiworld Says:

    Too simple for me, I love the emotion & style, but I’m not too fond of the dress.

    ONGZZ I LOVE IKEA! THat’s where I got my figure shelves!

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