Singapore Street Festival 2008 Coverage (Part 3/3)

Continuing from where we left off ^^ This will also ends the photo coverage on Streetfest. I didn’t manage to get all the cosplayers, but I hope you guys enjoy them ^^

(Note: Right click on Image and choose “Open Image” for larger Ver.)

Alright~On with it!!

Demonbane – Another Blood. Another well made costume and also a good series ^^


sf 2

sf 3

Shaman King – Tao Ren. His hair can poke you to death~XD

sf 4

sf 5

From Zone 00 series~

sf 6

Zone 00 – Ango Shima~

sf 7

Sengoku Musou 2 – Ishida Mitsunari. Another good cosplay ^^

sf 8

sf 9

sf 10

sf 11

More Gothic~

sf 12

More on Miku ^^

sf 13

sf 14

sf 15

…and the Kagamine Twins ^^

sf 16

sf 17

Kaito spying behind~XD

sf 18

sf 19

This was around half way through the event~

sf 20

sf 21

The group that were doing the dance routine. It was so crowded, so I didn’t manage to get any ^^;

sf 22

A Neko Maid~

sf 23

D-Gray Man group~

sf 24

This was around the evening, nearing the final Voting contest.

sf 25

Can you spot Hanif? Hint: Spot Squee and you’ll find him~XD

sf 26

sf 27

Getting ready for the band performance~

sf 28

There’s also somekind of Game corner~

sf 29

One of the band performing~

sf 30

This was during the Voting period. Contestants will put up a board where voters will stick a sticker on it. The one that has the most will be crowned the winner ^^ The categories are Best Female Cosplayer, Best Male Cosplayer, and Best Alternative Cosplayer.

sf 31

sf 32

The winner of Best Female Cosplayer category~ Hmm, help me identify the character ( > _ < )

sf 33

The winner of Best Alternative Cosplayer category, Ryuk from Death Note~

sf 34

sf 35

Winner of Best Male Cosplayer category, Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden~

sf 36

sf 37

sf 38

sf 39

More on Ryuk~

sf 40

sf 41

Ryuk is pimpin~XD

sf 42

The last one is a candid shot during the group photo~

sf 43

Al right~ That ends the long Singapore Street Festival 2008 coverage, and I hope you guys enjoy them ^^ I’m looking forward to the next one~( ^ _ ^ )/


17 Responses to “Singapore Street Festival 2008 Coverage (Part 3/3)”

  1. xrysx Says:

    hi, i’m from the vocaloid team~ don’t mind i take them and credit as “wcouldx” if i put online? also…

    DSC_3596.jpg, DSC_3600.jpg from Zone-00
    DSC_3577.jpg from Sengoku Musou 2
    DSC_0016.jpg from RO

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Sure go ahead ^^ Nice cosplay btw d( ^ _ ^ )b

  3. Keats Says:

    Needs higher res pictures!!

    And.. we thank you.

  4. Shuyi Says:

    WOW! CoOl!
    YUP, DSC_3577.jpg is from Sengoku Musou 2. His name is Ishida Mitsunari.

  5. Miho Says:

    I saw myself again. Two times now. D:

    Yet, nice photography. :3

  6. saku Says:


    (forgot name)

    Ango Shima

    They are characters from the manga Zone 00 (a fantasy manga by Kyuujou Kiyo)

  7. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Oh, which one are you? ^^

    @Shuyi & xrysx & Saku

    Alright~ Thx for the info >_<v


    You can get the high res photo by right clicking on the image and choose “Open Image” ^^

    and I thank you too!! For stopping by ^_^

  8. wongtcsg Says:


  9. Panther Says:

    Woo Vocaloid team! Go Miku! Saw you after the cosplay, I was like, that looks like the Miku dress lol.

  10. Kazearashi Says:

    Thanks for the pic there hehe… Lots of nice pics, and It was fun there… Hoping to go to more cosplay event in the future.. xD

  11. Squee Says:

    LOL I spotted myself.
    reminds me of where’s wally/waldo

  12. C.I. Says:

    Upz for the vocaloid team! ^^;

  13. Singapore Street Festival 2008 Coverage (Part 1/3) « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog - Ramblings about Anime, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] 2 Part 3 Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)No […]

  14. Miho Says:

    Er. The grey shirt behind Tao Ren. D:

    … It is so unexpected. DDDDD:


  15. Hanami Says:

    What the hell! I missed all this in Singapore??!

    I have to go for the next one! Somebody tell me where will the next one be held?

  16. wcloudxkumo Says:


    The next one should be next year, around the same time as this year’s ^^

  17. Nickle Says:

    The one you didn’t know that won an award is a Professor/Scholar from Ragnarok Online. ^^

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