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Tokyo Anime Fair 2010 Coverages

March 26, 2010


A bit late, but Tokyo Anime Fair 2010 started earlier and a number of new photo coverages are in ^^


26th Miyazawa Model Exhibition Coverage

March 16, 2010


26th Miyazawa Model Exhibition event just commenced earlier today, and a number of photo coverages are already in ^^


Mega Hobby Expo 2010 Winter Coverage

February 20, 2010


Another event just went on earlier, which is Mega Hobby Expo 2010 Winter, and few sites already uploaded a bunch of images from the event ^^


Hobby Manufacturer Exhibition 10 Winter Coverages

February 10, 2010


As usual, whenever Wonder Festival ended, there will be a private exhibition few days later for Hobby Manufacturer, where they will be able to get a closer look of their goods. Nothing new, since most are already covered during Wonder Festival 2010 Winter. Although now there are some that is open to public, which they forbid from taking photos earlier.


Wonder Festival 2010 Summer Dated

February 10, 2010


Wonder Festival 2010 Winter just ended few days ago, but that won’t stop us from anticipating the next one ^^

The next Wonder Festival event, which is Wonder Festival 2010 Summer, is set and ready for July 25th, 2010.

Take note of your calendar!!~( ^ _ ^ )

Via Wonfest Site.

Wonder Festival 2010 Winter Coverages – Part 3

February 7, 2010


This part will mostly cover the Resin and Garage Kits ^^


Wonder Festival 2010 Winter Coverages – Part 1 (Complete!!)

February 7, 2010

(Complete listing of GSC, MF, Alter Booths + Price & Info)

Wonder Festival 2010 Winter event just started earlier and we already have a number of photo coverages getting in really quick ^^


Mega Hobby Expo 2010

January 31, 2010


In case you forget, another annual big event is also coming other than Wonder Festival 2010 Winter, which is Mega Hobby Expo 2010 ^^

The event will be on Febuary 20th, 2010 and mainly by companies such MegaHouse, Alter, and Hobby Japan. As usual, new upcoming Prototypes by each company will be displayed and revealed there.

They also going to open a 1-day Prototype Master Workshop there, where you get to learn how to create your own figure from scratch by Professionals ^^

Via Moeyo.

Hobby Search Special Sale Campaign

January 30, 2010


Hobby Search is going to hold a Special Sale to celebrate the start of their SAL service ^^

Starting Febuary 2nd, 2010 until Febuary 10th, 2010, all items ordered during this period will gain the following privileges:

PVC Figure, Mechas, Anime Toy and Fashion Doll: 15% discount and +5% points.
Gundam Model, Military, Model Car, Hobby Tool, Model Train and RC Model: 20% discount and +5% points.

This sale applies to all SAL and EMS order.

Figma Winter 2010 Campaign Information

January 29, 2010


Max Factory have just released more information on the upcoming “Figma Winter 2010 Campaign” event, which will features some free goodies in the form of “Muffler & Gloves set” for your Figma and Nendoroid use ^^


Wonder Festival 2010 Winter Catalogue Previews

January 27, 2010


With Wonder Festival 2010 Winter is just less than 2 weeks away, the catalogue just went on sale earlier and Moeyo kindly showed us a glimpse on the content ^^


GSC x Max’s Sculptor’s Try Out 2010

January 27, 2010


Some of you probably have known this, but Good Smile Company and Max Factory is going to hold a “Sculptor’s Try Out 2010” event to give a chance for people who are aiming to be a Figure Prototype Master and interested to be working with companies such as GSC or Max Factory ^^


Figma Winter 2010 Campaign

January 26, 2010


To celebrate the upcoming Figma Winter 2010 Campaign, Max Factory is going to give out some free goodies which will come in the form of “Muffler & Gloves Set” for your Figma use ^^

Similar to the previous Christmas Campaign, this time, if you purchased a Figma starting on Febuary 5th, 2010, you are eligible in getting these goodies. For now, unlike the previous ones, we still don’t know if it’s only a 1-day event. Looks like a Nendoroid version of the gloves will also be included.

More information on the campaign and the free gift will be announced at later date.

Via Figma’s Blog.

GSC x Max Wonder Festival 2010 Winter Exclusives Revealed

January 15, 2010


Good Smile Company and Max Factory have just updated their WonHobby 11 Site with information on their upcoming exclusive goodies which are going to be sold during Wonder Festival 2010 Winter on Febuary 7th, 2010 ^^


Comiket 77 Coverages (Updated!!)

December 29, 2009

(Added more photos + Info)


A bit late on this, but Hobby Stock have updated their Blog with lots of photos taken from Comiket 77 today ^^


GSC & Max’s 3rd Photoshoot Contest Announced!!

December 26, 2009


With the announcement of the upcoming Wonder Hobby 11 event on Febuary 7th, 2010, Good Smile Company and Max Factory is going to host another Photoshoot Contest, and this will be the 3rd time they are doing it ^^


Merry Christmas 2009!!

December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to everyone!! ^^

Image Via Mikatan’s Blog.

Tokyo Dance Trooper In Singapore – Part 2

November 23, 2009

The 2nd part of the video featuring Danny Choo dancing in his Tropper suit in Singapore. The full promo video was also shown at Anime Festival Asia 2009 ^^

Presented by KlikTV.

Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Quick Break!!

November 21, 2009


Taking a quick break from a tiring day of Anime Festival Asia 2009, will be back for the evening concert soon with Ichirou Mizuki, Nakagawa Shoko, and Hatsune miku, been there since morning ^^;

Will post the full thing later on, plus video coverages of the main events which I thought worth recording, such as the Cosplay Regional Contest, Danny Choo performance, etc ^^

Anyway off to the concert!!

The above photo is taken during the Cosplay contest, oh and Kaname is the one cosplaying as Simon from Gurren Lagann ( ^ _ ^ )

AFA09 Countdown Previews

November 21, 2009


Well, just woke up and getting ready for Anime Festival Asia 2009, and Danny has posted more behind the scenes previews on what to expect at the event ^^