Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Quick Break!!


Taking a quick break from a tiring day of Anime Festival Asia 2009, will be back for the evening concert soon with Ichirou Mizuki, Nakagawa Shoko, and Hatsune miku, been there since morning ^^;

Will post the full thing later on, plus video coverages of the main events which I thought worth recording, such as the Cosplay Regional Contest, Danny Choo performance, etc ^^

Anyway off to the concert!!

The above photo is taken during the Cosplay contest, oh and Kaname is the one cosplaying as Simon from Gurren Lagann ( ^ _ ^ )


4 Responses to “Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Quick Break!!”

  1. welsper84 Says:

    The sg team won both price !!! o.O I was hoping Ashley and Alodia wins though lol

    Kaname appeared in the display areas later and got mobbed

  2. Kanon Says:

    Wow, Kaname’s cosplays are amazing! Have fun at the concert!

  3. Rongishi Says:

    I love the witchblade la >.<

  4. watch anime Says:

    looks great, i wish i was there 😦

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