Wonder Festival 2010 Summer Dated


Wonder Festival 2010 Winter just ended few days ago, but that won’t stop us from anticipating the next one ^^

The next Wonder Festival event, which is Wonder Festival 2010 Summer, is set and ready for July 25th, 2010.

Take note of your calendar!!~( ^ _ ^ )

Via Wonfest Site.


4 Responses to “Wonder Festival 2010 Summer Dated”

  1. Baki Says:

    at this rate I think I’m going to go broke…

  2. Nopy Says:

    I wish it was in June, then I could actually go 😦

  3. Ami Says:

    Hopefully they will show some colored prototypes of the figures we just saw. But if companies are planning to show even more amazing figures I really worry about my wallet. I already want to buy at least 40 of the figures that were soon. T-T

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