Alter’s Azunyan Reservation Starts!!


This new 1/8 scale figure of “Nakano Azusa” from K-ON!, will be available this coming June 2010 by Alter for 6,800 Yen retail price. Hobby Search is taking reservations for her as of today.

Instant get~ ( ^ _ ^ )


6 Responses to “Alter’s Azunyan Reservation Starts!!”

  1. Lelouch Says:

    On to my buy list… Damn Alter’s sapping my wallet bad. Lol

  2. Optic Says:

    Already preordered from HS at 20% off.
    Preordered quickly incase there is a mad rush. lol

  3. Bang. . . Says:

    I thought this was a HJ exclusive? I’m so confused. x.x

  4. arcium Says:

    Got this one as soon as I saw it up on HS.

  5. Oneandonlyjem Says:

    Preordered this as fast as I possibly can, haha.

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