Hobby Manufacturer Exhibition 10 Winter Coverages


As usual, whenever Wonder Festival ended, there will be a private exhibition few days later for Hobby Manufacturer, where they will be able to get a closer look of their goods. Nothing new, since most are already covered during Wonder Festival 2010 Winter. Although now there are some that is open to public, which they forbid from taking photos earlier.

1/8 scale Saber Lily from Fate/Unlimited Codes by Gift. No date or price yet.




1/8 scale Black Rock Shooter Anime Ver. by Good Smile Company. No date or price yet.






Figma Black Rock Shooter by Max Factory. Summer 2010 – No price yet.


Via Hobby Stock’s Blog, Akiba Hobby.


10 Responses to “Hobby Manufacturer Exhibition 10 Winter Coverages”

  1. garturo62 Says:

    i bet the BRS figma is gonna cost way more than normal

  2. NanoZero Says:

    BRS figma is coming with the blade, too! Can’t wait!

  3. Actar Says:

    Man, so many cool stuff coming out… Can’t wait for Alter’s Fate Movie Ver., GSC’s Misaka, and practically every Figma figure, especially the K-On! and Eva ones.

    I wonder why no one’s raging about the exact same three figure being produced in both the Figma and Revoltech line, namely Rei, Asuka (Test Suit Ver.) and Mari… Sigh…

  4. Reltair Says:

    I don’t really like the “realistic” face that Gift does for their Saber figures, although this one looks better than their previous work.

  5. glockenpop Says:

    Gift Saber is looking better than the previous Garage Kit of her.. I don’t trust Gift’s quality though, judging by their efforts with Ein.. ugh.

    I’m really tempted with BRS, but I already have the other and I’m strapped for cash too.

  6. Atoli Says:

    I’m so getting 3-5 BRS figma’s x3

  7. lovelyduckie Says:

    Don’t own any figures of BRS yet but that scaled figure still has me really tempted.

  8. yaku Says:

    As a complete fool I missed Gift’s Dark Saber. Now I mustn’t miss Lily!

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