Singapore Street Festival 2008 Coverage (Part 1/3)

I’ve decided to divide the coverage into 3 parts, because of the photo intensive entry ^^; Part 1 will be most on written entries with some photos. The rest of the parts will mostly be on photos ^^

(Note to Cosplayers: If you are in this photo and is uncomfortable with the result, and would like for it to be taken down, just send me a message or post here. I’ll take it down right away ^^; )


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Fariz Azuka


So Street Festival 2008 was just ended yesterday, with Cosplay as part of the main events~ The event takes place at Suntec Convention Center, Tower 1. Most of us, Singapore bloggers, decided to go to the event, plus others who are also interested. Thanks to Panther, again, for organizing it ^^

Anyway, there were quite a number of us who went to the event. We met up at City Hall MRT entrance at around 2.30 PM. Me and Fariz were among the few who arrived 1st. Dead Snake follows after, and then I think Panther, Zero, and CK arrived next. Hanif was the last one among the 1st group. Squee was already at the event earlier, since he’s cosplaying and needs to prepare.


The rest such as BK, Raven, Hirito, Kazearashi, Akabane, Yumeno and CI came late because of some valid reasons ^^; Windbell was at the event, but I didn’t managed to meet him. Did I miss anyone? It was quite a big group all right ( > _ < )~


Streetfest starts at 3.00 PM, so we rushed there since we’re already late. This is the first time in my life I actually attend a Cosplay event, so I’m pretty much excited and boosted up ^^ Brought along my D40 camera, so expect lots of photos ^^



When we reached the event stage, it’s pretty much crowded there. Most of the Cosplayers are outside, and people already taking photos of them ^^; I can assure you, there were lots of them. Well, I’m quite amazed with the level of the cosplayers in Singapore, atleast from what I saw from the photos of previous events in recent years ^^ Definitely worth a thumbs up ^^

There are some that’s really caught my attention, especially the Vocaloids group and Death Note‘s Ryuk. I really like the costumes, really well made ^^ As for the overall cosplayers, I could probably only managed to recognize 30% of them, as in from which series they were from. There’s a lot of Gothic cosplayers, and looks like most of them went with original design.


We met up with Squee when we got there, and just went Photo-Frenzy straight ^^ As for main event, there’s the usual Voting event to choose the best Male/Female/Alternative cosplayers. Not all cosplayers who attend Streetfest, decided to join the Voting contest. Some just came for fun ^^ There were also Bands that came to perform. They sang, mostly Anime songs during the first half of the Streetfest. J-Rock songs follows after during the second half.

Around half way through the event, there were this group of Maids and Butlers doing some dance routines, supposedly there were 4 different ones. I only managed to catch Hare Hare Yukai dance, but good thing that Akabane recorded the whole routine with his PSP ^^ He’ll probably going to upload it soon ^^

Not everyone stayed until the end (StreetFest ends at 9.00 PM). I think BK was one of the few that left early. Some of us were basically separated most of the time. It was really crowded ( > _ < ); Me, Panther, Akabane, Deadsnake, Hanif, Fariz, Squee, Yumeno, and Kazearashi decided to take a group photo before everyone left using my camera.


Back Row (Left to Right): Akabane, Kazearashi, Deadsnake, Squee, Panther
Front Row (Left to Right): Wcloudxkumo (Me), Hanif, Yumeno, Fariz

Not in Photo: Hirito, BK, Windbell, Raven, Zero, CK, CI (Did I miss anyone? >_< )

While taking photos, I was told to do the “Sleeping Buddha” pose~XD


We went for dinner after that at the Food Court below, but before Panther left, he managed to get himself some consolation photos with one of the Sony models ^^;


The rest left around the same time as Panther around 6.30 PM.

Me and Kaze decided to stay a while longer to see the Voting contest winners, which started around 7 PM. Squee and Hanif also decided to stay behind also. I spied on them through the second floor~XD The Cosplay event ended around 8 PM, although Streetfest supposed to end at 9 PM. Throughout the rest of the hour, it was the Bands turn to perform. I went back home around the same time ^^

So, my impression of the event…it was really tiring ( > _ < ), but it was a blast though ^^ It’s my first time going to this kind of event, and I didn’t know what to expect, but the experience is definitely great. I didn’t know that taking photos can be really exhausting ^^; Next time I’ll come more prepared ^^

This basically ends my coverage, but as mentioned before, this entry is divided into 3 posts because of the photos ^^ So enjoy the photos.
( ^ _ ^ )/

End of Part 1

Part 2
Part 3


10 Responses to “Singapore Street Festival 2008 Coverage (Part 1/3)”

  1. Panther Says:

    Ok I sucked in the last photo. I am never photogenic. 😦

  2. Keats Says:

    Panther: Don’t worry dude, you’re look like a regular guy 🙂 And you’re lucky to live in a country with beautiful girls.. like the one standing next to you!!

  3. Miho Says:

    I saw myself. O______O!

    Wow, thanks. xD

  4. Panther Says:

    Keats: I never actually believe there were more than 2% of the population (female side) that were on the kind of level that says “beautiful” for me. I am indeed very thankful for this girl to have appeared and for me to have taken a picture of her (without me, screw my face I suck).

  5. whacko Says:

    Just to clarify…
    you said`”There’s a lot of Gothic cosplayers, and looks like most of them went with original design.”
    Wearing gothic clothes does not make you a cosplayer. They’re subculture CLOTHES. Simple as that. (unless you dress up similar to a character wearing gothic clothes in a anime/manga)

  6. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Well, as you can see this is my first time going to this kind of event, and I have no single knowledge or what-so-ever that there are different types of Gothic clothing, that can be considered as Cosplay or not ^^, but since this is a cosplay event, I just assumed that everyone is in their costume play ^^;

    But thank for the info, really appreciate it ^^

  7. gordon Says:

    u are one lucky man, elynn is pure <3.

    btw wcloudxkumo, nice pics. may i have the last pic of elynn and panther in it’s original high res via e-mail? if it’s too big, can u upload to and give me the URL to download. thanks! ^^;

    my email is gordonator_blogspot [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] sg

  8. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Sure, no problem ^^ It’s a little bit big, so I’ll just send it through your email ^^;

  9. gordon Says:

    thanks wcloudx! received with thanks and love. ^^;

    i’ll be putting up a post on elynn soon so do come check it out these few days. cheers!

  10. Rokku Says:

    Look crowded.
    Lucky Panther

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