Shuraki Trinity Box #02: Liu Mei Feng (Good Smile Company) – Part 1/2

Alright~ Next is the the review for “Shuraki Trinity Box #02: Liu Mei Feng” by Good Smile Company ^^


Just like Nida, Meifeng’s review will also be divided into 2 parts because of the photos. This will probably also apply to Rize, because of their alternative costume capability ^^; From now on, any review that produced more than 40 photos will be divided into 2 parts. This just to save bandwiths and reduce lag ^^;

Back to topic~ Meifeng is the 2nd figure to be released from the Shuraki Trinity series, and was originally released last year. The one that I have is the “re-release” version which was released earlier on May 22nd, 2008. Meifeng probably, in terms of popularity, is on par with Char, which makes her almost impossible to get if you’re not quick enough. It’s probably too late to get her now ^^;

meifeng 2

A little bit info on the character~ Just like I mentioned before, each character from Shuraki series is designed by different famous designer. In Meifeng’s case, she’s designed by Satoshi Kiba. You can view more of his work here. He’s quite well-known around the Doujins Circle, especially during Comiket.

Meifeng is a 17-year old China-born fighter that utilized and specialized in lightning quick melee attack, by using her trusty “Twin-Engetsurin” as weapons.

meifeng 3

Just like any Shuraki figures, Meifeng also comes with alternate Battle Damaged China-Dress, which you can switch around, and also a custom Diorama base stand ^^

meifeng 4

Other bonuses also include the usual Character Illustration Booklet “Shuraki Secret File Vol.2: Meifeng” and a Drama CD. Well, as you guessed it, Meifeng also gets her own Voice Actress in the Drama CD. She’s voiced by Iizuka Mayumi, which is more known for voicing Kasumi (Misty) in the Japanese version of the Pokemon series. The Drama CD also features other famous Voice Actresses such as Koshimizu Ami and Mizuki Nana. More on the Character Illustration Booklet and Drama CD will be posted later on different entry ^^

Well, what can I say, another amazing figure from GSC ^^ There’s no flaw on Meifeng either. She probably got the best dynamic pose out of all the Shuraki figures ^^ My only complain about the figures is it’s really difficult to do cast-off on her, and probably the hardest. All the joints are so tight and difficult to take off, which makes me really afraid of breaking her if I use too much force ^^; So please be careful if you ever get her.

Ah, and don’t forget to clean up the Oil excess from the skin and the inside of the dress when you’re casting off her for the first time ^^

Anyway, on with the shots!! More pictures will be posted in Part 2 of the review ^^~

(Right Click on Images, and choose “Open Image” for higher resolution)

meifeng 5

meifeng 6

meifeng 7

meifeng 8

meifeng 9

meifeng 10

meifeng 11

meifeng 12

meifeng 13

meifeng 14

meifeng 15

Close up~

meifeng 16

meifeng 17

meifeng 18

Closer look of the dress~

meifeng 19

meifeng 20

meifeng 21

meifeng 22

Beautiful hair~^^

meifeng 23

Her “Twin-Engetsurin”~

meifeng 30

Base Stand~

meifeng 24

meifeng 25

meifeng 26

meifeng 27

meifeng 28

meifeng 29

To be continued to Part 2


4 Responses to “Shuraki Trinity Box #02: Liu Mei Feng (Good Smile Company) – Part 1/2”

  1. morimoli Says:

    Great set of pictures! Really nice close up shots.

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Welcome ( ^ _ ^ )

    Thx!! ^^ Glad you like it~

  3. ~+~ Chai ~+~ Says:

    She’s the only figure I have so far.

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