Shuraki Trinity Box #02: Liu Mei Feng (Good Smile Company) – Part 2/2

Continuing on where we left off, here’s the 2nd part of Meifeng‘s review ^^

(Right Click on Images, and choose “Open Image” for higher resolution)

Cast off~


meifeng 2

meifeng 3

meifeng 4

meifeng 5

meifeng 6

Close up~^^;

meifeng 7

meifeng 8

Well, she got one nice booty to be honest~XD

meifeng 9

meifeng 10

meifeng 11

Now with the Battle Damaged dress~

meifeng 12

meifeng 13

meifeng 14

meifeng 15

meifeng 16

meifeng 17

Closer look of the dress~

meifeng 18

meifeng 19

meifeng 20

meifeng 21

meifeng 22

meifeng 23

meifeng 24

meifeng 25

meifeng 26

meifeng 27

meifeng 28

That ends Meifeng’s review ^^ Next will be Rize‘s turn, and after will be either Chu Astram or Figma Nanoha. Look forward to them~( ^ _ ^ )/


7 Responses to “Shuraki Trinity Box #02: Liu Mei Feng (Good Smile Company) – Part 2/2”

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  2. Optic Says:

    She is a real beauty. My friend managed to preorder her early at HS from the the re-release version. Even though the pose is very dynamic, she’s not one of my ‘BUY ME NOW!’ figures.
    Btw, her backside looks very reddish. Was this just part of the skin or the oil from the cast-off?

    Looking forward to Rize review and can I make a request. Plz do figma Nanoha first before Chu. I’m still questioning weather or not to get her and so far, I only read 1 review on her.

  3. wcloudxkumo Says:


    The reddish colour is part of the skin. It isn’t really that “red” in the actual figure. Probably just because of the lightening ^^;

    I will most likely do Nanoha 1st because Chu Astram will be R18 content ^^; I still need to find away to show all the Full Cast-Off photos without getting them removed.

  4. Optic Says:

    Thanks for the info wcloudxkumo. ^^d

  5. ~+~ Chai ~+~ Says:

    Oil leftovers? Sheesh. I’m scared. I didn’t do anything to clean it off. Well, so far, she’s the only figure I have from the Shuraki set. I’m not sure if I got the re-release though. How do you know it? Sorry … newbie in figures lah. I didn’t even realize that the Secret File and the Drama CD are both in Japanese and I can’t understand them. >*< Thanks for the nice review though. 🙂

  6. wcloudxkumo Says:


    No problem, glad it helps ^^

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