[Anime Festival Asia 2008] Day 2 – May’n LIVE Concert



It has been one week ever since Anime Festival Asia 2008 ended, so I guess it’s time for me to put up my coverages ^^;

Since it’s such a big event, I will divide the coverages to different parts; the Concerts, BAKUC contest, Booths tour, Cosplay Mania, and an overview of each days.

Not in particular order, I’m gonna start with May’n LIVE concert~XD


As you probably have seen, May’n LIVE concert is the main event for Day 2, apart from Cosplay Mania ^^ According to her, 5,000 people attended her concert. I got myself the S$68 VIP pass for the concert, and it’s definitely worth it, although I kind of regreted for not getting the Diamond VIP pass ^^;


May’n concert was a blast, but not as wild compared to Aniki‘s ^^; I went to both concerts and both are definitely great. Each concert have their own charm and good points.


During the concert, May’n sang all the songs featured in Macross Frontier, excluding Lion and Triangular since both are a duet song together with Ranka a.k.a Nakajima Megumi.


May’n sing the songs in the following order:

– Welcome to my FanClub’s Night! (Sheryl on Stage)

– What ’bout my Star! (Sheryl on Stage)

– (The title that I forgot > _ < )

– Infinity

– Diamond Creavass

– Northern Cross

– Iteza – Gogo 9ji – Don’t be late (Sheryl On Stage)

My favourite performance is Diamond and Iteza ^^ Love it when people shouted MOTTEKE!!~XD


Anyway, I did took some photos, but since they forbid us from taking, I didn’t get much. Although there are some good ones (I’ll be damn drowned to hell for posting these) ^^;



For more May’n’s memorable moments in Singapore, you can visit her Blog. As for translations for her entries, you can visit Bonkurasu ^^



Loved her smile~You can see that she enjoys her stay in Singapore even if it’s only a shortwhile ^^


MOTTEKE!!!~May’n ❤

More coverage coming~ ( ^ _ ^ )


9 Responses to “[Anime Festival Asia 2008] Day 2 – May’n LIVE Concert”

  1. kazearashi Says:

    May’n looks chubby ❤ xD

    And the title you forgot is “Yousei” 😛

  2. chibihien Says:

    i would say nice photos..

    but will leave it to the rest of the world to flame you…. since i had enough of all the dorama

  3. Parka Says:

    Nice. I was there too. But didn’t manage to catch the performance. Thanks for posting photos.

  4. alafista Says:

    Is it me or she looks really chubby in this outfit. She didn’t look that chubby during the press conference. LOL

  5. gordon Says:

    that is some nice shots u got there. she’s wearing that same ear ring as sheryl as well. ^^;

  6. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Ahhh, thx for the title ^^

    She is chubby~




    Noe problem ^^


    She is actually has that chubby side of her. Probably because of her hair sometimes that makes her look thinner ^^


    Thx ^^

    Yep, same earrings as Sheryl. I think you can buy those ^^

  7. Otacon Says:

    hmm i wonder why they forbid photo taking tho.
    but you did great, thanks for the pics. that is Sheryl Nome alright XD

  8. wcloudxkumo Says:


    No problem ^^

  9. Anime Guy Says:

    Very nice information. Great Anime Community just Bookmarked this cool place. Thanks for the Info cheers and loves

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